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18 Apr / 2011Program by:

Full Moon Gathering

The Full Moon was celebrated on Monday April 18th at the feet of Sri Aurobindo’s status. Around ten persons gathered in Savitri Bahvan at 8pm for this enlightening event. Celebration started with a slow motion music to give everyone some time to be physically and spiritually present to the moment. Recorded talks from the Mother then opened the evening both in English and in French. Each participants were then invited to read a paragraph of the Savitri book (page 116 to 128) while the moon started its appearance right in the back of Sri Aurobindo’s Status. Two commemorative compositions by Sunil were finally played to accompany the complete raise of the Full Moon in a very quiet, deep and meaningful moment.

L’arrive de la pleine lune a t clbre lundi 18 avril au pied de la statue de Sri Aurobindo. Prs d’une dizaine de personnes se sont runies Savitri Bahvan 8 heures du soir pour accueillir ensemble ce moment. Aprs quelques minutes de musique pour permettre chacun de se poser et d’tre pleinement dans l’instant, ce sont les mots de la Mre qui ont ouvert la crmonie, en anglais puis en franais. Chaque personne prsente a ensuite t invite lire un paragraphe du livre de Savitri. Enfin, deux compositions de Sunil ont accompagn l’lvation de la pleine lune sous le regard du petit groupe.