Photographer:Andrea | Carl Bernstein
15 May / 2010Program by:

Guitar Concert by Carl Bernstein

Last Saturday, the 15th of May Carl Bernstein gave a concert at the Bharat Nivas Auditorium. Carl Bernstein was born in Detroit, Michigan, USA. At the age of sixteen he concentrated his attention on the guitar and later studied with some of the world’s most renowned guitarists. He has performed at many locations in the United States and has been a guitar teacher for over 40 years. The artist performs music in many styles including classical, improvisational, popular and original compositions. Here you can listen to the whole concert.



  • Bob Miller

    Carl, We were friends in virgin islands and had your show at Island Center. Somewhere I still have a poster advertising that show. Now I have reinvented myself and teach intercultural communications at Eastern Michigan University in Ypsilanti. It would be great to hear from you

    Bob Miller (formerly with WSTX Radio, St. Croix)

  • Carl, I knew you and Karen when we lived at Qolqanpata, Cusco, Peru, 1973. You were my first guitar teacher, and have been an inspiration for a lifetime. I still love listening to your beautiful music. Beverly

  • David klar

    Hi Carl, this is David Klar, saw your concert, and I am so happy with what you’ve accomplished. Loved Walking Alone. I’m still playing the piano . Love to hear from you


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