Photographer:Marlenka | Lola Photographer:Lalit | Total lunar eclipse
12 Dec / 2011Program by:
Language: English

Hibiscus Art Village Project

Lola speaks about the Hibiscus Art Village project, which finally has a site location; it plans to be a place for arts and crafts to flourish, a place to work and to learn. Announcements: a Rudra Veena concert Saturday 17 December, 7:30 pm at Bharat Nivas; a monthly mime workshop at Life Education Centre; a 5-day course in Organic Food Growing at Buddha Garden and free interactive seminars offered by Insight Seminars at Auroshilpam. See the photo of the total lunar eclipse during last Saturday’s full moon taken by Lalit (read more section).

Sri Aurobindo has said that India has done much more for spiritual life with her methods than Europe has, with all her doubts and questioning. It is a kind of refusal, to accept a particular method of knowledge which is not a purely material one, it is the denial of experience, of the reality of experience. And then there is the method of Kali which is to give a sound thrashing… but according to me that means a lot of damage without much result…. this is another big problem… it seems the only method which can overcome all resistance is the method of Love… but the adverse forces have perverted love in such a way that many very sincere people, sincere seekers, have steeled themselves, so to say, against this method because of its distortion… that is why it takes so much time… from the Mother.