Photographer:Andrea | Anu giving her speech Photographer:Andrea | Nandita D. singers Photographer:Andrea | Flowers from the Indian flags Photographer:Andrea | Audience in a sunny Sunday Photographer:Andrea | Aster Patel and Nandita D.
15 Aug / 2010Program by:

Independence Day

On Sunday 15 th of August at Bharat Nivas in the morning was the celebration for the birthday of Sri Aurobindo and for the Independence day of India. In the opening talk of Anu we could remember that Sri Aurobidno saw that for the evolution of mankind was important for all nations to be free, and India had to take the role to start that process. In the ideal human unity this evolution would regard mankind as one single nation, that a free world union must it in its very nature be a complex unity, based on diversity, and that diversity must be based on a free self determination. Final dream was not limited in time. It carry the seeds of evolution into the future of humanity, and there we see the birth of Auroville already placed as a seed to experiment of the future of Humanity.


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