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02 Apr / 2012Program by:
Language: English

Joy of singing and Rap for Peace

We are all invited to A Gathering of the Residents on Thursday, April 5th, between 5pm-7.30pm at the Kalabhumi Amphitheatre. Deepanam School is inviting the community to a short Musical Evening on Friday the 6th April at 7 pm in the school, The children of age Dolphins and Rainbow-Horses are going to present the songs which they are practicing with Jivatman and Joy since the beginning of the year. Tomorrow at 8pm at Visitor Centre Bboys from Germany will share ALL IS ONE performance and rap for peace with Mohanam Sound Crew with the community

One single spark of Thy sublime light, one single drop of Thy divine love,
can transform this suffering into an ocean of delight. The Mother
Prayers and Meditations
“It’s the kind of speech no eye can see. Kabir says: Listen to the word spoken in every body”