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16 Dec / 2010Program by:

Lively Up Your Earth

Krishna McKenzie unwinds over many cups of coffee in the tranquility of Solitude Farm, talking in detail about the ‘Lively Up Your Earth’ eco-music festival coming up in January, about the vision behind the the 14 year old sustainable farming community, and about music, change and living a life close to nature. Krishna, who leads Emergence, a unique music group that creates a versatile blend of genres such as Jazz, Rock, Funk and Carnatic, also gives us a flavor of his music every time he feels like picking up the acoustic guitar that lies waiting next to him.

Lively Up Your Earth will be an exploration of community, permaculture, ecology, food, and artistic expression, as well as a celebration of music. “It’s a movement..our movement…our music…we are free to create our world. For more information, a newsletter is available at videos on Solitude Farm and Emergence visit: