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09 Aug / 2009Program by:

Maracatu with Silvia

Sunday evening a special event took place at “La Terrace”. Silvia, a Brazilian professional dancer, and journalist showed to the audience how to perform Maracatu – an afro-brazilian dance style. Maracatu is a term common to two distinct dance performance genres found in Pernambuco state in northeastern Brazil. Beginning at around 7pm everybody was eager to get a grasp of the dance style and followed Silvia’s instructions carefully with a lot of fun. By watching Silvia’s smooth and classy moves one had to be captured by the rhythms this Brazilian dance has to offer.

After introducing the most important dance steps and moving towards the larger part of the Terrace the crowd enjoyed the fantastic drumming performance of Pablo and Gino and others joining in with them. After almost 3 hours of stunning performances a remarkable and unforgettable evening ended under the raising moon over Auroville. ‘ ‘