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MeDi Clown Academy received Yes! Foundation Grant

It is an overwhelming feeling, says Fif, to receive a grant of that proportion as it it Yes! I am the change Foundation, which also bring a huge recognition, and responsibility with it. So, the MeDi Clow Academy is planning to train 66 medical clowns in next 3 years, and first workshop will start at Adishakti on 21st of November.
Throughout past 3 decades it became clear that healing requests a holistic approach to a patient, and a medical clown with its therapheutical , optimistical approach of laughter does change the path of reacting on a dis-ease, and thus change the cellular structure, mentions Hamish , among other.
Among other, the couple celebrating today, 11th of November their 32nd anniversary 🙂 happily, healthy laughing … embracing life.

you can reach them on
MeDi Clown Academy
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  • Fif Fernandes

    Thanks Miriam for a fun interview – it was a great opportunity to reflect. It was a superb way to start on day on our 32nd Anniversary!

    • Miriam

      Dear Fif and Hamish!
      thank You…to giving me the opportunity 🙂

  • Sue Bente

    Happy Anniversary to you I’m glad everything is going so well for you