Photographer: | Mr. B.V. Doshi with the Film maker Premjit Ramachandran
22 Jul / 2009Program by:
Language: Movies

Mr. Doshi in Auroville

Last Wednesday L’avenir d’Auroville presented a film on Mr. B.V. Doshi at MMC Auditorium and offered a interactive session with Mr. Doshi himself and the Film maker Premjit Ramachandran right after the film. Mr. Doshi is an eminent Architect-Planner, academician, philosopher and member of Governing Board, Auroville Foundation. The film presented Mr. Doshi’s architectural work, his role in the setting up of arguably the best school of architecture in India, and posits these roles within the larger narrative of his philosophies on life and his relationship with people. Here is a recording of what Doshi had to say to Auroville after the film.

Here is also the link to an excerpt of the presented film.