Photographer:Samira Bose | Pierre prepared to cook Photographer:Samira Bose | Fresh basil leaves Photographer:Samira Bose | Bottling of the creamy pesto Photographer:Samira Bose | Ingredients shining bright Photographer:Samira Bose | Volunteers from Buddha Garden Photographer:Samira Bose | Auroville Radio intern also participates in this process ;) Photographer:Samira Bose | Some bread for sampling (and some posing)
29 Sep / 2015Program by:
Featured: PierreLanguage: English

Pesto with Pierre

Pierre (born in South of France) arrived in Auroville in 2008 and has been living here ever since. He is involved with organic farming and food processing at Buddha Garden Community Farm. His commerical unit is called ‘Taste of Nature’ and he created it in 2014. Pierre has an exceptionally formed view about the food we eat and what it does to our systems, his emphasis on using local produce and the ‘energy’ in what we consume are all very interesting and reflect an intensively thought out ethos.

Coming to Auroville and his efforts with organic food are all part of his spiritual journey, and he talks to us about finding a middle ground in spiritual practice. The volunteers at Buddha Garden have an opportunity to assist him in making pesto with him once a week and we had this conversation after feasting on this delicacy.