Photographer:Miriam | Irene Sposetti Photographer:Miriam | Irene
12 Jan / 2011Program by:

Places of consciousness

Since she landed in Auroville four years back, Irene has changed. She grow as a human being, as a woman, as a personalty…And even after her hard work of last month, which she felt as a fast running train, she is calm, confident, and with the sparks in her eyes, where you can read, that her energy and serenity is almost without limits. Dance to her is a practice, a tool, is an investigation about life, herself, human begins, dynamics, relationships, and also places of consciousness. As she claims, dance was given to her, and she stands with open hands, always sharing…When she started consciously searching for Irene, dance and art manifested at the same time. With Auroville she nurse deep connection, and to her is a beautiful, precious place with it’s own complexity.


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