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15 Mar / 2012Program by:
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Regional Planning and Road Works

Tomorrow in Conference Room in Town Hall will be workshop and seminar on sustainable Regional Plan for Villuppuram Auroville Cuddalore Puduchery organised jointly by INTACH Pondicherry, PondyCAN and Auroville Town Development Council, with opening welcome of Bala Baskar. In today’s news Bridget talks about this event. The Working Committee invites community on March 22 at 6.00 pm at La Terrace welcome back Mr N. Balabaskar, our new Secretary and at the same time, to bid farewell to Mr S. Loganathan, who has been the Acting-Secretary.

O Truth defended in thy secret sun,Voice of her mighty musings in shut heavens
On things withdrawn within her lunidnous depths,
O Wisdom-Splendour, Mother of the universe,
Creatrix, the Etemal’s artist Bride,
Linger not long with thy transmuting hand
Pressed vainly on one golden bar of Time,

As if Time dare not open its heart to God.
O radiant fountain of the world’s delight
World-free and unattainable above,
O Bliss who ever dwellst deep hid within
While men seek thee outside and never find,
Mystery and Muse with hieratic tongue,
Incarnate the white passion of thy force,
Mission to earth some living form of thee.
One moment fill with thy eternity,
Let thy infinity in one body live,
All-Knowledge wrap one mind in seas of light,
All-Love throb single in one human heart.
Immortal, treading the earth with mortal feet
All heaven’s beauty crowd in earthly limbs!
Omnipotence, girdle with the Power of God
Movements and moments of a mortal will,
Pack with the eternal might one human hour
And with one gesture change all future time.
Let a great word be spoken from the heights
And one great act unlock the doors of Fate.
Savtitri , Sri Aurobindo