Photographer:Giorgio / Andrea | Pierre Legrande Photographer:Giorgio / Andrea | L'Avenir d'Auroville members. Sitting from left: Min, Sauro, Mona, Rolf, Latha, Gill, Andy and Gerard. Sitting behind Cristo and Pierre.
09 Aug / 2010Program by:
Language: English

Residents’ Assembly Gathering

Yesterday afternoon more than 120 residents of Auroville met with the new team of L’avenir d’Auroville. After the personal introduction made by all the new members the microphone was shared with the people who took the opportunity to share their feelings, comments and ideas.The focus of the gathering was on the planning and development of the City and as usual, questions were raised about the Galaxy plan and vision of the City.
The explanation given by the planners was well accepted and some clapping accompanied the meeting. Some criticism was also expressed but the discussion never degenerated.
The Gathering was facilitated by the Residents Assembly Service.