Photographer:Kirill Kamionsky | Anna Photographer:Kirill Kamionsky | The stage Photographer:Kirill Kamionsky | From left: Pierre Fuladoux and Edoardo Grassi Photographer:Kirill Kamionsky | Suresh Bhaskara Photographer:Kirill Kamionsky | Mishko M'bas Photographer:Kirill Kamionsky | Edoardo Grassi
19 Feb / 2011Program by:

Rocking Soul

Saturday night, under the full moon, Visitor Centre, public just in the right mood… Anna’s voice, and heart with the music of the evening, with excellent Mishko, Suresh, Pierre, Edo, Divin brought memories, brought music of some time ago, but still with a powerful presence. We heard some "classic” songs from seventies, eighties and nineties. It didn’t take long for, at the beginning few and soon followed by almost everybody, to response the call of rock, blues, r&b, smooth jazz… to move, rock… Three songs written by Anna, and arranged by Maurizio, Pierre and Edo were dedicated to recently passed Maurizio. It was a night of special feelings, warmth, and sharing.

Anna (Vocal) Pierre (Guitar) Edo (Guitar) Divin (Keyboards) Mishko (Bass) Suresh (Drums) Fund Raising for the Music studio in Kalabhumi.


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