| Savitri Bhavan
21 Mar / 2012Program by:
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Savitri Bhavan Events

Deepanam School presents an evening of entertainment. Tamil Heritage Centre presents a seminar at Bharat Nivas. Keynote by Shri C.V.Parthasarathi of Chennai. The topic will be The incarnate dual Power shall open Gods door,Eternal supermind touch earthly Time. (from Savitri). Events at Savitri Bhavan. ‘Cyclone Inversions’, large camera obscura photographic artifacts. A film celebrating the 98th anniversary of the Mothers arrival in Pondicherry. Terrace Darshan 1965-1973. Photographs of the Mother with organ music and Her readings Savitri

The most binding law of nature is only a fixed process, which the Lord of Nature has framed and uses constantly; the Spirit made it and the Spirit can exceed it, but we must first open the doors of our prison house and learn to live less in nature than in the Spirit.Words of The Mother