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31 May / 2011Program by:
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SAWCHU at 5pm

Last Wednesday General Meeting follow up will be tomorrow at 5pm again at SAWCHU, and you are all kindly invited to participate. The Auroville Housing needs and resources survey was completed by 175 people in Auroville. Surveys gives valuable data from a planning point of view and also a database that will allow more effective communications on housing issues with those in need. Anyone that is not included but would like to be, can call to housing service from mid June onwards where he/she will be helped to updated online. Thanks to the pilot project Community Information Centre’ as part of the ICITI Project, funded by Stichting De Zaaier (through PCG), we are now able to offer at Savitri Bhavan individual computer access to a large range of study materials: documents, audio and videorelating to the lives, work and writings of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother. Three stations with monitor, mouse and earphones are connected to a central server. Users can browse freely and access all the materials stored in the server.

You are not only water,Nor are you only soil .
You are something else entirely.
You transcend the world of mud,
for you are on a journey toward self-realization