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The Mother, Ashram and Auroville by Tapas

Tapas is one of those lucky ones, who grew up in Sri Aurobindo ashram in Pondicherry, and joined Auroville in its early years, and actively participate in many aspects of the community’s life and work.
Our conversation was going back in early days, and Tapas recollect many details from education in ashram school, and loving presence of The Mother for each child. Her spirit guided her to be part of Auroville, which Tapas did after her schooling years. Yet she was one of the flag beariers, as many children of ashram, at the inaugurational ceremony of Auroville in February 28th 1968.
As Tapas says the purpose The Mother had for the ashram and Auroville were different. Auroville was created as a laboratory for research, where The Mother has given us the freedom to learn, and to have a spirit of adventure. Those who choose to live and work in Auroville, should have total faith in The Mother, and why she has created Auroville; because Auroville begins from where nobody has been, and it is an adventure of consciousness; an unknown adventurer….. to whole of it one should surrender.


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  • Anandi Zhang

    Would you please consider editing the following? Thanks for the precious interviews.
    The Mtoher – The Mother (also in web line)
    flag berries – flag bearers
    in February 28th 1968 – on February 28th 1968
    an unknown adventurer – an unknown adventure