Photographer:web | Unselfed - The Company Theatre in association with ShapeShift Collective
27 Sep / 2012Program by:
Language: English

Unselfed and ”Golden Water”

On Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 7pm at Adishaktis Sir Ratan Tata Koothu Kovil, Edayanchavadi we can see theater performance Unselfed presented by The Company Theatre in association with ShapeShift Collective, director Sujay Saple. Ukrainian Folk and soviet era songs by Vera and Shakti at Solitude Farm at Vegan Sushi night. On Tuesday, 2nd October at 9 am at New Colors the opening ceremony of the Golden Water project which aims to provide good and safe water for the children and community of Edayanchavady village.

O Lord,….If my understanding is limited, widen it;
if my knowledge is obscure, enlighten it,
if my heart is empty of ardour, set it aflame…
The Mother