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05 Aug / 2016Program by:
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Why AV, IZ? War and Peace

As part of the regular discussions at CHIRU at Auroville Town Hall, Giacomo¬† has taken a lead in organizing a talk on ‘war and peace‘. This concept has to be much discussed and addressed in the present global era. Leo Tolstoy has written a piece on ‘war and peace’ which is very relevant in the present situation and people should learn living in peace than in war.

Giacomo¬† has stated that ‘peace means unity and there can be no peace without partnership and harmony.

Andrea has discussed on various wars that took place in history mainly during the 14th to 19th century. He said that Wars have been a part of human life since history and the usage of atomic bombs during the second world war have shaped the world into a nuclear driven nation-states and threaten a happy society.

Ego, Arrogance, Supremacy and Conflict between two main super powers have disturbed the innocent societies of the world. The speakers at the discussion have also discussed on the number of atomic bombs exploded during 1945-1998, it was 2053 and USA tops the list with a nuclear explosion of 1032 times. The main reason for these explosions was not to wage a real war but to create ‘deterrence’ and showcase the strength of their military to their opponents and the weaker nations.

Finally, Aryamani concluded the discussion by saying that Auroville and the International Zone of the Auroville can take a pioneer role in promoting the Unity and Peace among individuals and nations.

“We don’t realize wars when we live in peace”