Photographer:Avdhi | Sudhakar from La Terrace Cafe at the AurovilleRadio Studio Photographer:Courtesy Of: | A peek into Sakura Sushi
04 Oct / 2018Program by:
Featured: Mr. RaviLanguage: English

What Makes Restaurants and Cafes in Auroville So Special? Part 3

Eateries in Auroville have much more than just food to offer, as was made clear by Mr. Ravi of Sakura Sushi and Mr. Sudhakar of La Terrace Cafe. Both men have taken long journeys to get where they are today but are bound by the passion of providing good service to their community.

The stories most importantly teach us to not simply rest on our laurels, but to work and make our dreams a reality. This was introducing sushi to Auroville for Mr. Ravi and the creation of many new dishes for Mr. Sudhakar.

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