Photographer: | Manohar in charge of an international website dedicated to Auroville
14 Dec / 2007Program by:

Window in a Glass House

An interview with Manohar, the man who’s in charge of an international website dedicated to Auroville, its people and its events. Manohar, born in Italy as Luigi,’ began the website four’ years ago just after the tsunami. The website is called, and it is as Manohar says: ‘window in a glass house’ because Auroville belongs to humanity, to the entire world…and for many Auroville’s website is the first touch with Auroville…’

He says he’s very much thankful to Auroville for giving him opportunities, such as creating a website which is truly a window for the world to ‘peep’ into Auroville. Manohar is very much aware of the importance of accurate and updated information; he tries to provide all the useful and interesting information one may need.
After one month of training Manohar was thrown into the middle of action when the Tsunami hit on December 26, 2004. He provided the information on site that the world was looking for at that time plus the good news that only small damage was sustained at the Auroville beach communities, none at all inland. Fortunately some visitors who were at the beach at that time gave him photos (Repos beach, Srima Waves, Gokulam) which he put onto the website. is a site- source for all the useful and interesting information about Auroville, its people and many different events that are going on from viewpoints cultural and spiritual. Also to be found are links for schools, booking a guest house, a taxi, just to mention a few…
The official language of the site is English, but texts in Italian, French and Russian can be found; the team of three people taking care of the website and its contents are constantly upgrading it with more translations.
Many photos illustrate what is written providing a view into Auroville. Also one can listen through a link to AurovilleRadio. Aurovilians who are traveling find the site very important as a contact with home.
As webmaster, Manohar is aware that what he’s doing is important ,through feedback he receives from visitors of the site…and there are many, as well as plenty of mail sent directly to the links.

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