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Youth Safety and Wellbeing with Kaliananda on Purna Shakti

What is Purna Shakti or set of tools of educational empowerment, and how does it works, we talked with Kaliananda. She gives only some points, just for a “flavor”, while we can hear the whole presentation tomorrow at CAT’s event Youth Safety and Wellbeing, Towards a Vibrant Health for our Community, at 4pm onward at Unity Pavilion.
Curriculum of Purna Shakti, which is Kaliananda is developing, and willing to share with whomever might need it, is a curriculum of empowerment skills. a set of tools having a very specific bases and aim of powerfulness in the world – integral full power or Pruna Shakti. It starts with True power centric model with basis on common understanding of our relationships of free beings interaction with other free beings on free will.

for illustration of the conversation you can look at following links

Tom and Jerry – “Invisble Ink”
part 1:
part 2:



  • Kaliananda

    Hey guys! After rewatching the Tom & Jerry episode after years, I see that I *slightly* misremembered the exact circumstances but the analogy illustrating the value of recognizing invisible dynamics and elements remains the same. (I had recounted that Tom discovered invisible Jerry from his footsteps in the flour but actually we see that he discovered his invisible nemesis by noticing the shadow on the wall.)

  • Kaliananda

    here is a working link for part 1 of tom and jerry: