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The Same but Different
by Miriam   
Wednesday, 19 January 2011
Human unity in diversity (Photographer: web)Saturday's third session on the Exploration of Nation Soul was more quiet. The group was brainstorming to find the means to implement their ideas and inspirations. The method hasn't became clear yet but many ideas emerged...among the many things that came up, they talked about national flowers, and the way to explore the genius of one's nation through the fairy tales.... Read more

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Genius or Soul?
by Miriam   
Monday, 27 December 2010
Lively Discussion (Photographer: Miriam)Despite the holiday Saturday the discussion on the second session on the Nation Soul was lively, and more spontaneous. But they all agreed upon to go back to basic text of the Mother and Sri Aurobindo to find the starting point of the research. The double, philosophical aspect on the subject lies within the nature of the Mother's world about it, and the nature of it by itself. We need to dwell into pshychic being of each nation, to grasp the fundamental genius, in order to bring it into the contact with the true spirits of other countries, and start the interaction of mutual respect and understanding. Read more

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Looking forward
by Andrea   
Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Cristo is looking forward (Photographer: Andrea)L'avenir d'Auroville called a General Meeting to update the community on various ongoing issues regarding Auroville's planning and development and to answer questions of the residents. Rolf gave a short overview of the main issues the team is dealing with in recent months and actual presently ongoing works. In the Questions and Answers discussion which followed, the main topics were: the official gazetting of the Auroville Masterplan and meetings with the L'avenir Advisory Board, .. and of course Housing!

Download the pdf of the presentation to the Governing Board made by l'Avenir Advisory Committee.

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Balu`s Lively Life
by Andréa Paige   
Monday, 13 December 2010

Balu dancing at Mohanam (Photographer: Andréa Paige)This edition of the Aurovilian Portrait series meets Balu, a 12-year Aurovilian, originally from the surrounding area. Balu is co-founder and director of Mohanam Cultural Center, Lively Boutique and the Bamboo Research Centre. Listen in for details about all of the projects under Balu's co-creation, and click on "Read More” for links to the websites. Read more

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Breaking new grounds
by Sudhakar and Anitha   
Wednesday, 01 December 2010

Iyanar (Photographer: Sudhakar)Iyyanar is the caretaker of the Brihaspati farm, which is beyond the village of Edayanchiavadi to the west of Auroville. He moved to Brihaspati in 2002 soon after the departure of former residents who lacked farming experience. In an interview with the AurovilleRadio, he recounts the hardships he encountered before his arrival at the farm. Iyyanar uses farming techniques that he had learned earlier resourcefully and has increased the production. For the first time, Brihaspati farm has started selling vegetables and milk to the Auroville community. He expresses his willingness to work harder and to give more to the community but wants more support and help to run the farm. Naveen and Sudhakar interviewed Iyyanar.

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GB and IAC report of meetings
by Mishel and Andrea   
Tuesday, 30 November 2010
Doudou Dienne, Marc Luyckx Gishi and Aster Patel (Photographer: Monday evening, November 29, at the CIS (old Foundation Office in Bharat Nivas) members of the Governing Board and International Advisory Council met. Aster Patel, a Governing Board member, was also present. After the meeting, there was an interaction with the residents of Auroville on the theme of "Increasing Relevance of Auroville in a World on the Brink". This round-table meeting marked the beginning of the event: “Mutation… II, A Clearing”, a conference spread over three months and organized by Sri Aurobindo Centre for Studies. Read more

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Interactions with GB and IAC
by Andrea   
Monday, 29 November 2010

Dr. Karan Singh, chairman of the Auroville Foundation, addressing the audience. (Photographer: Andrea)The chairman of the Auroville Foundation, Dr. Karan Singh, and members of the Governing Board met with residents of the Auroville's community on Saturday 27th November at 6 pm. The International Advisory Council was also present. In the interaction. Dr. Karan Singh shared his feeling of happiness regarding the progress of Auroville; he stated that he sees new dynamism and momentum in the tasks of building the city. The education and the outreach programs also surprised him. He suggested that we prepare a pamphlet showing what Auroville is doing for the surrounding villages, Tamil Nadu State, the nation and ultimately the world. Read more

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Together We Are United
by Miriam   
Friday, 26 November 2010
Mr. Shimelis Adugna (Photographer: Miriam)The most interesting to Mr. Shimelis Adugna is the Auroville approach and active way on how to make this planet a better place to live in for all of us, as he emphasized – to go back to truth,to our inner strength, and to work on these to work together. He sees hope as a moving agent to create reality from the dreams and vision as the Mother envisioned. To him, and so many of us, this world has to be the world of sharing. Auroville could do better when it comes to the awareness of the Mother's vision in Africa, by going there and sharing these dreams. Read more

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