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A Conversation with Denoh and D

In this interview, we talk with Denoh and D who are both artists from the United States, While, Denoh left on the day of the interview promising to return, D remains in Auroville. This interesting interview covers a range of topics. The two discuss what compelled them to travel to Auroville and their art and spirituality in relation to it. Furthermore, the two discuss the current polarizing political climate in America, and what it means to be at a distance from it as individuals from a minority group.

Comments: 0 Date: 14 Jul 2017

VOX.POP Alien.Invasion

Aliens. What do you say about them? You might believe, you might not. This is the opinion of the few people who were questioned on extraterrestrial life.

Happy Summer Christmas

Youth Center Christmas Fair is one of the winter highlights in Auroville. All Auroville celebrated together with pizza and Indian food. It offered a big variety of activities for children. A big market with stalls from Auroville units and handicraft sellers offered Christmas presents. In the evening, the stage opened for theater, music and dance performances. The Christmas fair ended with a big fire performance.

A sound collage from the different YC playgrounds with music, interviews and atmosphere soundings.

In and around Auroville

Auroville belongs to auroville and no one else. People who make this place worth it, not only for themselves but also for people who visit auroville everyday. Rj Mantra (a 5 times best RJ of India winner by RAPA and PROMAX Awards), speaks to people in Auroville and finds out what makes this place tick.


Visitor’s Centre, International Zone last night, instead of Saturday night – seven friends, three bands, and their friends … celebrating music. Seven musicians(Pradeep Kumar, Pradeep Kanthan, Jhanu, Bharat, Tapas, Lawrence, Bharath Shankar), all of them students of engineering, and members of three different Tamil independent rock groups Jhanu, Oorka and Sean Roldan & Friends  they have conclude their coastal tour from Chennai to Auroville with yesterday’s performance at Visito’s Centre. . Within their tour they wanted to bring music closer to the audience, and have decided to share their music united as one band – Oorka, and without any amplification. Even played acoustically their songs are clearly rock rooted in Tamil culture.

Comments: 0 Date: 01 Jun 2015

NNF – Not Negative Feedback !

This is the biggest and most welcome event happening in Auroville.
During the years the slogan “Run for the joy of Running” became a tangible fact. Everibody is happy. Asking questions to members of the community, volunteers, runners you will get the same feedback: Beautifully organized. Beautiful place. Perfect. From my side I can say that is a pleasure to go around interviewing people who appreciates the efforts of the organizing team and Auroville as community.
The Auroville’s 8th Marathon was a success.


Comments: 3 Date: 08 Feb 2015

Welcome Marathon’s Runners !

The buzz of the runners is all around.
Just arrived from different places of India and tomorrow starting from 4:30 am they will “invade” the paths and roads of Auroville. For some it is the first experience others are use to run this unique marathon. Here’s their feelings, excitement and impressions.

Comments: 0 Date: 07 Feb 2015

Auroville’s 8th Marathon

Its a pleasure to organize Auroville’s 8th Marathon.
This comes from Anand Prasad who along with Chandresh Patel are the minds and hands behind the event. The runners love the Auroville Marathon because it is not tied up with any sponsors trying to get some benefit. To make the event possible, more than 500 persons volunteer time for the project.
The runners like the unique atmosphere of Auroville and the beauty of the place very much.

Comments: 0 Date: 31 Jan 2015

GM on Chennai Festival & Entry

The Auroville Council shared:
We, the Auroville Council, are holding an interactive General meeting to update you on our work and to listen to the communitys concerns and feedback. Together with our sharing, we have also invited the Chennai festival organizers to share a short presentation of their work with the community.
One of the main tasks of the Auroville Council today is find new members to join the Entry Service team. As you are aware, the Entry Service members are quite overloaded with their work and some of them have carried this responsibility for several years. There is an urgent need to find new committed members for the Entry Service. We, together with the Study Group and Entry Service, are organizing a workshop on this topic on the 31st of January 2015. We would like to share more information regarding this workshop in this GM.

Comments: 0 Date: 22 Jan 2015

Sadhana Forest turned 11

Sadhana Forest celebrated it’s 11th birthday on Friday December 26th 2014, with an afternoon presentation by Aviram of Sadhana Forest’s work in India, Haiti and Kenya, a tour of the community and the forest by Kate, an eco-film and a vegan organic dinner! More than two hundred people attended from Auroville, the surrounding villages, Pondicherry and Chennai. In the spirit of gift economy the event was free of charge.

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