Photographer:Marlenka | Dr. Peter Choate
24 Aug / 2011Program by:
Language: English

Child Protection

Featured today is Dr. Peter Choate of Canada; a clinical social worker specializing in child protection. Hes here shedding light in the area of child abuse… the interview in its entirety can be heard in the next days. Tonight, 8 pm Pitanga: a contemporary Indian Jazz concert featuring Amit Heri from Bangalore on guitar with Matt Littlewood on sax, Mishko M’Ba on Bass, Manosh Bardhan on Tabla. Erika Schumaker lived in Auroville from 1993 ’til 2001. At 90, in Germany, Erika passed into the Light. She is remembered with love.

Dont do it comes often, but you discard it as something which has no power and then you follow your impulsive destiny. But if you are truly sincere in your will to find and live the truth, then you learn to listen better and better, you learn to discriminate more and more, and even if it costs you an effort, even if it causes you pain, you learn to obey…even if you obey only once it is a powerful help… a considerable progress on the path… – The Mother