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Category Archives: Governance

Changes are happening

Auroville Radio focuses on the many changes we are seeing, talking with Inge of the Residents Assembly Service (RAS), Sindhuja of the Auroville Council (AVC) and Elisa of the Working Committee (WC) to try and find out more about what is helping bring about some of these long wanted changes to Auroville's organizational systems and meetings and explores what further could be done.

Colllective Shift

Through interesting interview with Inge from Residents Assembly Service we hear what is behind the today's invitation to a joyful and different sharing. After the meeting of Action Groups which came out of Retreat 2015 on 29th the whole group felt that is time to change things. Today we will be holding together a collective space of silence, we will be holding collective space in silence ...... ....we will be receiving inspirations as individual members of collective aspiration.... The General Meeting on the report on Action Groups of Retreat will happen on Saturday 19th of September in Unity Pavilion, International Zone.

Comments: 0 Date: 08 Sep 2015

Open Session with L’AvenirTDC-RAS

The Residents' Assembly Service and L'avenir d'Auroville invited residents to an Open Session on City Planning. There is no agenda for this meeting, just SPACE for Questions and Answers.
It is planed to have regular meetings like this in the future to improve the possibility for the residents to be active and participate.

Comments: 0 Date: 21 Jun 2015

Youth Initiative

Yesterday afternoon the conference room at SAIER building in Town Hall complex was packed with all well wishers and some youth who responded to the invitation of the current Youth Representative team to a special event. In past few months before the Auroville Retreat they have formed team which was looking at the concerns of youth through various activities in the community. Yesterday they presented what they have gathered and discovered so far, and their aims in coming months which will involve youth more actively in the development of the community. They hope that more concerned youth will join them, and they remain open for all those who wish to participate, support or mentor their efforts.

On the following link we can see the outcomes of Auroville Retreat

Comments: 0 Date: 29 Mar 2015

GM AV Council Update

On Tuesday 22nd September at 4pm there was a General Meeting in the Unity Pavilion. Working Commetee and Auroville Council has update the community on the work done during the past year and questions on the ongoing selection process for new members will be answered. The deadline for the nomination to participate in the selection process is Saturday 26th September 2015.

Comments: 0 Date: 24 Sep 2015

Exploring the Town Hall

We explored the town hall offices and interviewed as many people as possible. Learn about their work, their responsibilities, what makes it fun or difficult and what they would do if they had a super-power!

Comments: 0 Date: 17 Jul 2015

RAS New Office

In conversation with Inge celebrating the new office in the Town Hall. The RAS (Resident Assembly Service), for the first time have an office from where they can address the queries of the Aurovillian.

Comments: 0 Date: 20 May 2015

Newly proposed Entry Policy – GM

This is the recording of the General Meeting on the newly proposed Entry Policy.

From the Auroville Council:

"Dear community members,
We have received some feedback from some members in the community that they did not receive the
massmail from RAS with the possibility of giving feedback. They have over 1500 people in their list already and are looking into why some have been missed out. Kindly write to to add yourself into the mailing list for the future.

In addition to the RAS
massmail, the Auroville Council made an announcement in the N&N and Auronet 3 weeks ago with the documents of the new Entry Policy requesting feedback directly to the We had also said that if you are not a computer user, our secretary will print a copy out for you.

If, despite our efforts, you have somehow missed out on reading this new policy, you can access it here:

We take this opportunity to warmly welcome everyone to the GM this afternoon at 4:30 pm in Unity Pavilion on the same topic. Dinner afterward at Le Zephyr!

General meeting on NDTA

In a meeting attended by some 106 Aurovilians the arguments and reservations for the NDTA proposal are made.
General Meeting on the NTDA (New Town Development Authority), a proposed local (Tamil Nadu) planning body that would have a legal power to propose and approve developments in the Auroville Master Plan area according to the Master Plan.
The creation of the NTDA for Auroville has been proposed by Auroville Foundation and TDC to the State Government as a measure to protect Auroville's land against the growing number of encroachments.

Following this meeting, the RAS observed that some participants expressed an interest in the exploration of alternative solutions to an NTDA.
During the meeting we were also given to understand that the NTDA proposal is already in an advanced stage. Hence we propose to use the momentum of this meeting to try to arrive at practical proposals as soon as possible.
The RAS now invites and encourages anyone with a proposal on how to protect and secure Auroville's land to communicate it to the RAS.

Comments: 2 Date: 08 Jul 2015

Felix on World Heritage Facts

Aryadeep interviews Felix Tessier who has experience regarding the World Heritage status.
Aryadeep is known for his efforts and concern towards procuring and safe-guarding the Auroville lands. In this interview you will learn from an expert the pros and cons of this status and what it will or wont do for us and how to go about it.

Comments: 0 Date: 15 May 2015