Photographer:vladya | Orchid, from the last year exhibition at Mother's birthday
10 Feb / 2011Program by:
Language: English

Exhibition, talks, films, cabaret

On Monday at Savtiri Bhavan they will open exhibition – Supramental Transformation at the occasion of the Mother’s birthday. We talked with Loretta, the author of exhibition, about it. At Kalabhumi artist of all ages will share with us their skills, and at Visitor Centre on Sunday Fire Circus, consisted of young children will blow us away with their magic. The Auroville Iprov Group invites us on performance of improvisational sketches tomorrow at SAWCHU.

Beauty is the special divine Manifestation in the physical as Truth is in the mind. Love in the heart. Power in the vital. Supra-mental beauty is the highest divine beauty manifesting in Matter.Sri Aurobindo