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12 Jul / 2017Program by:
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Healing Journey

10 years long traveling around the globe of Denoh Grear, born in USA, but African by origin, has brought him to Auroville.
In short conversation we have touched few topics; he says that he is searching for additional healing, not for himself but to help others. As being a veteran of war, Denoh encountered bad and good sides of war, and human nature, and he says that one not need to accept the war, but at least need to acknowledge that there is misunderstanding, when it comes to the conflict between two beliefs systems.
On his path Denoh found out that he can channel some of healing processes through his art and music


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  • sigrid

    Wecome Denoh to contact me, I give trauma healing workshops, plus we give out PTsd remedies, information remedies at my organisation Integral Health,


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