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14 Nov / 2012Program by:
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Intention Experiment, Housing

In today’s news we featured Dariya, who is inviting us to and Intention experiment on twelve values given by the Mother. Intention experiment is one of the 12.12.12. events starting in Unity Pavilion in International Zone this month. Each of twelve days from Monday 19th will be focused on one of the values, starting with Sincerity, finishing on Friday 30th with Peace. Satprem Maini from the Auroville Earth Institute talks on the Green Casbah, a new housing project which will be presented today at 4.30pm at Conference Room in Town Hall.

With your thought, give your thoughts. With your heart, give your feelings. With your body, give your work. Words of The Mother, Vol.14 On 19th January 1972, the Mother gave Satprem a list of twelve qualities for the meditation rooms which architect Roger Anger wanted to create in the Matrimandir’s twelve petals’. They are: Sincerity (light blue), Peace (deep blue), Equality (blue violet), Generosity (pure violet), Goodness (reddish violet), Courage (pure red), Progress (vermilion), Receptivity (orange), Aspiration (golden yellow), Perseverance (light yellow), Gratitude (light green), and Humility (dark green). Mother commented: The first eight concern the attitude towards the Divine, and the last four towards humanity.

1.Sincerity (light blue). To become perfectly sincere, one should have no preference, no desire, no attraction, no disgust, no sympathy or antipathy, no attachment, no repulsion.

2. Peace (deep blue). Calm and tranquillity, a smile which does not disappoint, a deep quietude where no disturbance can come a quietude with a sense of established security and release.

3. Equality (blue violet) Equal in all circumstances, keeps a perfect mastery and remains peaceful in the presence of whatever happens.

4.Generosity (pure violet) Generosity gives and gives itself without bargaining gives for the joy of giving.

5. Goodness (reddish violet) Christ was an Avatar in the line of Krishna , the line that represented…yes, goodness, charity, love and harmony.

6. Courage (pure red) True courage is to be able to face everything in life without the slightest emotion in any part of the being and with a constant awareness of the Divine presence.

7. Progress (vermilion) Those who have a strong will towards spiritual progress and purification, automatically lit the fire within themselves.

8. Receptivity (orange) The power to receive the Divine Force and to feel its presence and the presence of The Mother and allow it to work.

9. Aspiration (golden yellow) Aspiration is like an arrow you aspire, you want very earnestly to understand, to know, to enter into the Truth. A flame that burns always, but never burns.

10. Perseverance (light yellow) The most essential quality is perseverance, endurance and a kind of inner good mood that helps you to not get discouraged and to face all difficulties with a smile.

11. Gratitude (light green) There is nothing that gives you a joy equal to that of gratitude.

12.Humility (dark green) Humility is the recognition that one knows nothing, and that there may be something beyond what presently appears to us as being truest, noblest, most disinterested. True humility consists in referring oneself constantly to the Lord, in placing everything before Him.