Photographer:Gino | The inner chamber of a bee hive! Photographer:Gino | Nicolas preparing to record the hive Photographer:Gino | Getting closer to the honey... Photographer:Gino | Recording the bees!
01 May / 2011Program by:

Into the Bee Hive!

Gino in Discipline farm shows us a bee hive and explains how he became part of the project of rising awareness about the actual situation of our bees here in Auroville. Honey is not only a nourishing wonder, it is also anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and anti-oxydant. We learn from the behavior of the bees, seeing how, all their life, they share the same small amount of space, in a community where they evolve from the job of cleaning the hive to the higher one of looking for pollen in flowers, until they attain the final goal of taking care of the Mother, the Queen Bee.

We hope to continue these interview with more people from the bee research center(to be build) please feel free to contact Gino: who needs support for the bee research center project…..