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29 Jun / 2006Program by:

Matrimandir Update – Alain

Alain Grandcolas arrived in Auroville in 1971 after being in the Ashram to participate in the organization of the excavation of the Matrimandir. 36 years later we meet him in front of the Matrimandir and more precisely in front of Power, one of the 12 gardens that will surround the spiritual center of the town. The English version is broadcast in the weekly news.

Alain Grandcolas arriva Auroville en 1971 après un sjour l’ashram, pour participer l’organisation de l’excavation du matrimandir. 36 ans après, nous le rencontrons devant la maquette de “Pouvoir”, l’un des douze jardins qui vont faire le tour du centre de la ville.


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