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13 Jul / 2006Program by:
Language: Matrimandir

Matrimandir Update – Gerard

“Gérard travelled overland with the first caravan from France, arriving in Auroville in late 1969. He planned to stay for one year, “but then I met Mother”. His first work was planting trees around Aspiration and helping construct the school. When the Matrimandir excavation began, he was one of a small group of Aurovilians who turned up every morning to crowbar the rock-hard laterite. He remained working at Matrimandir for the next 20 years.”
– From Auroville Today

Gérard returned in 2003 and he started to work in Matrimandir. We met him under the shade of a Cassia Fistula tree where he spoke about the ongoing works of Matrimandir.