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Photographer:Coren | Loretta Photographer:Coren | Loretta Photographer:Coren | Loretta

The Force of Consciousness

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We talked with Loretta, who is going to the USA in a week.’ Following her line of service to the Mother, she is invited to lecture in California.’ When you serve something, its vibration becomes part of you.’ Serving Mother means receiving her consciousness.’ Loretta received an inner push to lecture. This started with five talks on the Supramental Transformation connected with her recent exhibition.’ Eight presentations in seven weeks will include four of these talks, a talk on Savitri, a question/answer session on Auroville, and a talk to children.’ She will speak at the AUM Conference in Lodi, the California Institute of Integral Studies and the Cultural Integration Fellowship in San Fransisco, the East/West Cultural Center in Los Angeles, and Meditation Mount in Ojai.

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