Photographer:Zarya | Regula Schwab and Lucien Dubuis
27 Sep / 2018Program by:

What Baroque Got to do with Future Rock

In our studio we hosted Regula Schwab and Lucien Dubuis, haling from Switzerland, who are on five week long musical exchange program of Prohelvetia. In their busy schedule of concerts and workshops they are offering a concert “From Baroque to Future Rock – A musical encounter with Swiss Musicians” on Friday 28th at 7pm at Adishkati Laboraroty for Theatre Art Research. Regula and Lucien are looking for Joy in their explorations in music, and as Kirtana(who will join them in few songs) mentions in between, we will hear something like nothing never heard before … where playful baroque meets amplified “punch” of rock, jazz and other musical styles.