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Life in AV Forest

We’ve met Catherine the Green Group coordinator, and Martanda from the Forest Group to find out about life in the wild. These modern day foresters may live off the main grid but by producing their own energy they maintain an up-to-date lifestyle.In this podcast, they also talk about the beauty and the difficulties of maintaining and protecting the surrounding forest.

Comments: 0 Date: 02 Jun 2011

Africa United in Auroville

For Africa Culture Day this Saturday 28th of May, we share a selection of songs to get you into the rhythm of the drum loving and moving continent. On Saturday, a whole day will be devoted to the rich and diverse cultures of the continent, but also to discuss plans of establishing an African Pavilion here in Auroville, which will embody the cultural and spiritual richness of the various countries.African students and African Aurovillians will come together and use this as another opportunity for building strong ties needed to materialize the vision of a peaceful future.

The day will start on the land selected for the African Pavilion. African students and Aurovillians will present to the greater community the progressions of plans, as well as their successes and current challenges. The land will be blessed with speeches, singing, poetry, and drumming by the Mohanam Boys and supporters from Svaram. Later in the afternoon a formal presentation with facts and figures will be given in the Unity Pavilion. And for a memorable closure, the Youth Center will host a Cultural Event/Talent show.

Comments: 0 Date: 25 May 2011

Africa House-the Vision

This is a short interview with two of the organizers of the Africa Cultural Event this Saturday 28th of May. Eric from South Africa an Aurovillian to be, and Valentine from Kenya a former student living in Pondicherry. In this Broadcast they speak about their hopes and visions on the establishment of an African unity center here in Auroville.

Africa Day 28th May :3pm-Africa Land, International Zone, drumming sessions
5pm- Certitude, sports-football/basketball friendly matches
8pm- Youth Center- music and performances

Comments: 0 Date: 25 May 2011

Evolving in the Living House

For this weeks update on the Transit Lounge, we accompanied potential users to a site visit of the Living House by architect Ajay. We have interviewed the architect, followed by feedback and comments from potential users on the construction and its features.
The Living House, which is one of the new prototypes for the Transit Lounge / Temporary Housing Project, is made from natural materials obtained from local villages/environment. Thus it comes with a low carbon footprint, while preserving local tradition and crafts. Ajay and his family have been living for more than 4 years in the house made from stone, mud, bamboo and a grass/ reed thatched roof, which should last 10-20 years. So far little to not maintenance was needed, as the long overhang protects most of the building from the strong monsoon rains.

The cost per square foot ranges from 1500-200 Rupees (according to costs 3-4 years ago). One single unit can be build for just under 2 Indian Lakhs, two units would come up to 3.5 Indian Lakhs. Enthusiastic users who have a pinching budget should feel encouraged to participate in constructing and assembling the “one person dormitory” of 12 feet by 7 feet. Approx 35% of the cost are labor with the roof comprising one fifth of the whole costs.
The Architect’s self contained house – see pictures- are two units of 15 feet by 15 feet.

Comments: 0 Date: 24 May 2011

Have Your Say

In a month from now, architects and builders will start working on assembling the common house of the Auroville Transit Lounge.We have interviewed Nikadass a potential “user” of Transit Housing. He shares his understanding and feelings of the project, while talking about his personal experience he raises some of his concerns on housing per se in Auroville.

Some more info on the project:Auroville is absorbing the construction costs of the common area, which includes kitchen, dining area, bathrooms and toilets, a lounge, office and meditation house. The cost of the common house will be reimbursed by collecting from the inhabitants a monthly utilization fee. The fee will also cover other infrastructure costs.
3 acres of land are available for the project and the living space for each of the thirty units dependence on the arrangements of families and individuals.
Thus, all those interested should attend the site planning and design workshop scheduled for the end of July.
Users and architects are driven by the project’s spirit and progressiveness and have come up with new design suggestions. At this moment 2 to 3 new housing prototypes are under development. One of them is The Living House with thatched roof, an improved version of the well known Capsule.

Comments: 0 Date: 18 May 2011

Each One Teach One

By creating an inclusive environment in which no borders hinder the empowerment of young personalities, Each One Teach One facilitate processes, which illuminates space for self-discovery. With Hip Hop artists and musicians around the world, Anne, Dj Phax and Co., focus on bringing people together by overcoming language barriers and connecting learners through the love and the power of music and dance. People of various ages, social and cultural backgrounds are brought together and given the opportunity to express their passion and talent via a peaceful and inspiring channel. Learning processes are interactive, embracing various personalities and needs, thus encouraging positive vibes for positive development.Realizing ones own potential and others internal wealth,…

will more than just likely awaken strong sense of hope and confidence into what the future holds. And this sense of hope is visible in Each One Teach One shows and performances, which are beyond entertainment, but rather tools for communicating critical social and environmental issues with the greater community.And not long ago, on Sunday April 24th, Each One Teach One in collaboration with the Auroville Institute of Applied Technology (AIAT) hosted such an event of diversity and integrity of European and Indian culture. Children of Mohanam Kindergarten and students of the Institute of Applied Technology and Auroville Village Action Group, the artist Bogna Jaroslawski and dancer Grazyna Jaroslawski all got together and created an unforgettable moment for many parents and friends in the audience.
The multicultural sounds of the celebration were supplied by DJ Phax Mulder before being translated into forms and shapes by the colorful performances and cheering crowd.
Students also took the opportunity to present their hand stitched purses, pillow covers, their self-made bamboo jewellery and bamboo charcoal soap. Included in the exhibition were a racing car, an air jet, masks and various abstract artifacts made of computer scraps and domestic waste inviting visitors to re-conceptualize their notion of waste. With creativity and an open mind we may be able to free ourselves from the construction and production of waste and re-discover resources from to produce timeless and sustainable artifacts.

Comments: 0 Date: 16 May 2011

Organic Bahams Concert

Organic Bahams- gave their first ever concert on Thursday 12th at the SAWCHU, Bharat Nivas. Visitors impulses were rattled by the list of songs and overlapping genres of the diverse performance filled with talent and humor. Our dear friend Gino also used the opportunity to unveil his love for percussion. His rhythmic and restless hands ensured an upbeat flow of the evening. Enjoy the ranging aptitude of guitarist and singer Jasleen from New Delhi and Girish from Bangalore, percussionist and Aurovillian Gino and body percussionist Nachi from Tamil Nadu. From Punjabi, Hindi, French, English, Traditional and Pop, there is a little piece for everyone to love and cherish.

Comments: 0 Date: 13 May 2011

Weekly Update-Transit

The Transit Lounge project has taken solid roots. Every Wednesday, prospective users gather to discuss issues, share ideas and visit builders to get first hand experience of the 8 housing designs. At the start of this week, we share an interview with Architect Manu, who summarizes last Wednesday’s meeting in which “users” were brought together with builder Peter A. Luminosity and his design “Beyond Johnny”.This weeks meeting will take place on Wednesday 18th at 5pm, location Reeve. Prospective “users” will have the opportunity to meet with builder Eric and receive explicit information on his Auzolan Construction. We are looking to follow the development of The Transit Lounge/ Dis-Mountable Housing Project, but if …

listeners have any questions or queries please visit for more information, Projects, Transit Lounge Temporary Housingor/and the latter has not beenlaunched yet, so userfeedback is highly appreciated

Comments: 0 Date: 12 May 2011

Back to Nature

Planning, planning, planning. The time has come again for nine days exploration and discoveries in nature. On Tuesday the 11th of May at 12am, Thirty children and 12 adults of the second group of the Auroville Summer Camp will start their journey direction Kodaikanal. In this broadcast we have leader Jonah and Savnon from Deepanam School, telling you about what kids of the second group are awaiting in this years summer camp. Listen further and you will become part of the itinerary and discussions of the ten adults and activity leaders on preparation from mobile phones, clothes, expeditions,health, to sweets and snacks and much more.

Comments: 0 Date: 05 May 2011

Transit Lounge- Temporary Housing Meeting

On Wednesday 4th of May, new and old residents gathered at Courage community for a tour to develop a stronger understanding of the physical space of the site on which the project will manifest. In this rather informal meeting “potential users” were given an intimate platform to discuss concerns and acquire more information on details surrounding the project. The community meeting in this broadcast, facilitated by Architect Manu and Dorle from Auroville and L’Avenir d’Auroville, with input of Courage- and prospective “users”, gives a brief summary of Transit Housing project while embracing subjects around communal infrastructure and especially waste water systems.

Comments: 0 Date: 04 May 2011