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Beyond the Time

Another exhibition by Alean and Alex in Auroville, this time during the Sve-Dame festival 2017, supported by the busuki of Francois for a couple of songs.

The Medieval Band

Probably the name to call this band is not really appropriate, as Francois says at the end of the first song. During Sve-Dame festival 2017 they played Klezmer, Gipsy and Balcanian music very well. Francois at clarinet, violin, flute and busuki, Shalini at the accordion and an unknown guy at the acoustic guitar.

Pygmy Love Song

Featuring some excellent musicians mostly from West Africa ….

Ma Jaiye Oni – King Sunny Ade
Mampam Sukuruwe – Sweet Talks
A Capella no.4/Des Hauts Et Des Bas – Les Têtes Brulées
Yélé n Na – Salif Keïta
Lastou Adri – Souad Massi
Ewa Ka Djo – Angélique Kidjo
Pygmy Love Song – Francis Bebey
Fantastic Man – William Onyeabor
Kala – Mbongwana Star
Khulumani – Nkata Mawewe
Mbongwana Star – Nganshe
New Bell – Manu Dibango
King Sunny Ade – The Message (Love Ltd Edit)

Comments: 0 Date: 22 Feb 2017

Rotem Sivan & Eleonora Bianchini

On Sunday 19th February Sve Dame festival 2017 was opened by a couple of great musicians: Rotem Sivan and Eleonora Bianchini. Rotem Sivan is an exceptionally gifted and talented guitarist of the 21st century, Eleonora is an amazing contemporary vocalist and voice teacher from Italy. In this recording you can listen to some jazz and brazilian songs which were played very well.

Comments: 0 Date: 21 Feb 2017

A Film on Pygmies from Bwindi

Documentary –


Uganda, 2015, Dir. Anna Bohlmark, 25 minutes, Documentary, English with English subtitles, Rated: G

For thousands of years the Batwa (a pygmy tribe) lived in harmony with the mountain gorillas in the Bwindi forest, south Western part of Uganda. In 1991, when the Bwindi forest became a world heritage, the pygmies were forcefully evacuated from the forest to leave space for the endangered gorillas. The mountain gorillas have become one of Africa´s biggest tourist attractions. But what happened to the Batwas?

This documentary give a frightening insight in a society that places economic interests above all others including human dignity.

Art for Land

Rema from Unity Pavilion , and one of the key persons in the whole Febraury fundraiser Art for Land talks about the motives, and main idea behind it. As she says, there are still pieces of land in Auroville Master Plan area which need to be bought for plan to be completed.
Last year they have tried with the auction Art for Land for the first time, and since the results were not so encouraging, this year the whole thing is going on for the full month of the February with accompanied events – from culture to Marathon and market. All the proceedings from the events , and from the auction are going toward purchase of the missing plots of the AV land in Master Plan area.
This year over 60 artist donated their work, and at Unity Pavilion are on display over 300 art works.
Among others there are art works by artist who were trained by The Mother, or touched by The Mother or from the Mother’s trunk.

Organizing the exhibition, and events is all in the hands of volunteers without any money compensation, and the raised money goes directly to Unity Fund, which will allocated it in March towards the land purchase, and all the numbers will be published.

Rema also explain the bidding process, and one can see the art works, and still place the bid on

The Mother's Birthday, CAT 10

Meditation for Mother’s Birthday21st February 2017, 5.45 to 6.45 am In the Matrimandir AmphitheatreEntrance from the Second Banyan Gate, open from 4.45 to 5.40 am only!
On Sunday 26 February at 5.15 pm In the Garden of Unity, Matrimandir; A Heart Of SilenceA musical offering by The Russian Singing Bells.

CAT 10 on Tuesday, February 21st 4.30 pm at Unity Pavilion Discussion panel of Aurovilians from various backgrounds. An exploration of collaboration between environment and development. The aim is to dissolve polarities and prejudices in the light of the Charter and the Dream.

Solidarity Events for Auroville Land this week at Unity Pavilion20th at 8pm Emergence, 25th at 3pm auction Art for Land, 28th at 3pm concert with Nadaka.

Monday 20th February from 5.30 to 6.30 pm At the gallery of Art of the Citadines.The French Pavilion and Les Baladantes invite you to the Closing evening of the Aurolire Festival 2017!“Poems and songs in French”

Thursday 23rd February 2017 in Cripapiano Concert‘Encounters and reflections’
By Hartmut von Lieres Impressionistic Jazz8 pm sharp (latecomers will not be admitted)

Thursday 23rd of Februart at 8pm at Sri Aurobindo Auditorium, Bharat Nivas, Pavilion of India, Bharat Nivas presents “SAMBHAVAMI YUGE YUGE””I am born from age to age”

At Solitude Farm on Friday 24th we can listen to Ziia & The Swing Mates.

Thursday, 23rd February 3:30 pm at Bhavishyate, Bharat Nivas CIRHU presents:Aurovilian Conversations – Aryamani’s Experience on “Bringing Sri Aurobindo on Stage”

A devotion that keeps concentrated and silent in the depths of the heart but manifest in acts of service and obedience, is more powerful, more true, more divine, than any shouting, and weeping devotion.
The Words of The Mothner, Vol.14

The World is My Home, part2

Soulful Afrohouse – tribal house music in appreciation of Black Coffee, Boddhi Satva, Black Motion, Afrikan Roots, Xoli M…

Black Coffee – Ziph Inkomo
Black Motion & Dj Shimza – Ngoja
Afrikan Roots Feat. Xoli M – Angel
Dj Choice & Afrikan Roots ft BK – My Window
Dj Lopez Feat Black Motion- Fortune Teller
BlackCoffee feat Bantu Soul – Even Though
DJ Nascent, Stones & Bones – Supernatural (Epitome Resound Afro Bless)
Etu Beats & Tseko feat. John Moabi – Love Is You [Duma West].
Boddhi Satva – Nankoumandjan
Afrikan Roots – Dance of the Tribe (feat. Tlokwe Sehume)
Black Motion (feat. Black Coffee & Xelimpilo) – Thamokuro
Black Coffee – Gardens of Eden
Da Vynalist, King Mshivo, Luyanda Makapela – Space Fantasy

Comments: 0 Date: 19 Feb 2017


Last night performance Park at Adishkati within Remembering Veenapani month long festival yielded laughter from the gathered audience.
A Sandbox Collective production directed by Nimi Ravidran on humorous way highlighted human psychology when it comes to ego and possession.
Set in the small park of three benches with an inevitable squabble for the choicest of seats by three men

Playwright: Manav Kaul
Director: Nimi Ravidran
Performers: Ashis D’Abreo, Jimmy Xavier, Deepak Subrahmanya
Light: Bharavl
Sound: Medha Agrawal

Comments: 0 Date: 19 Feb 2017

Peace, Justice for All

Last night and still tonight Auroville Choir, Youth Choir and Instumental Ensemble are sharing with the community at Sri Aurobindo Auditorium, Bharat Nivas, Pavilion of India The Peacemakers by Karl Jenkins.
“Music has the capacity to breathe harmony into the soul. The Peacemakers breathes the harmony of Peace.” Terry Waite

Choir director and vocal coach, and conductor Nuria
Instrumental and Ensemble director Matthew
Sound engineer Joel
Lights Jean

Youth Choir Aloe, Amber, Asia, Claire, Daniel Hye Yoon, Jangchup, Luna, Mir, Neha, Pia, Pooja, Prithvi, Raman, Sarah, Samedha, Snea, Tara, Akila, Auroshree, Eurydice, Hannah, Leela, Manisa, Masha, Mir, Rathan, Yugesh

Auroville Choir
Aisha, Ambra, Anandamayi, Bessie, Carla, Elke, Isabelle, Karen, Kathrin, Lisbeth, Marina, Marion, Pauliena, Stefania, Swaha, Agsaneh, Divya, Gumsoon, Helema, Helgard, Malvika, Mila, Miriam, Pala, Ratna, Rita, Srimoyi, Stefanie, Tineke,
Antonio, Emaniele, Jean-Yves, Lyle, Otto, Stefa, Tom, Umberto

Instrumental Ensemble
flute Bryce, piano Carel, guitar and trumpet Shanks, keyboards and saxophone Matthew, double bass and violin Holger, electric bass Txuma, drums Matthia, percussion Prakash

Comments: 0 Date: 18 Feb 2017
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