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Dance,Drums,Fun and Frolic at VC

On Saturday night at Visitor's Centre, the youth from Creative Travelling school of South Korea showcased a fun filled performance and made the audience dance to their drum beats.
The body percussion and tap dance amused the crowd, while the Tamil dance number 'Aluma Doluma' elated the gathering. They also performed two soothing songs on the guitar. The final Batucada got the audience on their feet and they moved to the beats of the drums.

Intimate Revelations

Last night at Visitors' Centre Wazo offered his solo show - "Intimate Revelations".
Set in the frame of the restaurant with chef Henri, and waiter Waz some AV VIP were invited to the table to have a dinner, and since the band gave up the last minute, the waiter Waz had to jump in. Some songs, some thoughts, indeed intimate reflections on life, Auroville, politics, history ......
and the VIP guests has received, although on the stage of a theatrical performance, a real dinner prepared by Henri (on the stage)

Latin Tunes for Ecuador

Peak of the fund raising events for the victims of earthquake in Ecuador in April at Youth Cnetre on Sautrday, 21st of May was with a set of versatile musicians. We heard them sing and play - Shanks on vocals, guitar and trumpet, Shakti on piano, Suresh on drums, Vera and Swaha on vocals and Francois on guitar, clarinet.....
in meantime the delicious Ecuadorian food - Seviche was prepared by chef from Ecuador

How To Skin a Giraffe

.... or Escaping Fate is Futile, put on the stage by Chennai's theater group Perch and Rafiki at Adishkati. A play "How To Skin a Giraffe" was inspired by Georg Buchner's "Leonce and Lena" , directed by Rajiv Krishnan. In Leonce and Lena Buchner takes gently ironical look at some of his favorite subject - idleness and boredom, love, autocratic government and people as puppets among other things, treating all these in an absurd vein.
Theater group Perch and Rafiki have used the comic and absurd nature of the original play as the starting point for their own interpretation.
They have added live music, simple stage set and colorful costumes, and the play is conveyed in many languages of India, English, and a bit of German.
"How To Skin a Giraffe" was a part of a month long festival "Remembering Veenapani Chavla" at Adishakti.

Leonce and Lena (German: Leonce und Lena) is a play by Georg Buchner (1813–1837) which is considered a comedy, but is actually a satire veiled in humor. It was written in the spring of 1836 for a competition 'for the best one- or two-act comedy in prose or verse' sponsored by the Stuttgart publisher Cotta. However, Büchner missed the submission deadline and the play was returned to him unread. It was premiered almost 60 years later, on May 31, 1895, in an outdoor performance by the Munich Company Intimes Theater, directed by Ernst von Wolzogen and with the involvement of Max Halbe and Oskar Panizza, illustrating the fact that Büchner only gained prominence as a writer in the 20th century.

Erich Kästner considered Leonce and Lena to be one of the six most important classic comedies of the German language.

Sree Mahaleeswarar Temple Dance

Past Sunday Sree Mahaleeswarar Temple in Irumbai hosted Auro Amsathvani Group to give dance performance. Six girls - P. Swarna Poorani, N. Shalini, S.Sharmi, M. Domian, M. Roshani and N. Harini shared with the numerous audience classical dance program of Bharat Natiyam Dance. The event started with official address of present dignitaries from the villages and from Auroville who have lit the oil lamps. The dance performance started with the prayer song to Lord Ganesha....

Mi Lindo Ecuador

For the end of the musical part of fund raising event Latino Night for the victims of earthquake in Ecuador at Youth Cnetre on Saturday, 21st of May we heard Andreas from Colombia and Alexia from Argentina with couple of song, Hannah and Santya were singing prayers for nature..., and for the end we hear El Condor Pasa and Mi Lindo Ecuador by Sarah and friends, who have learned those songs especially for that occasion ..... night was still hot, and was continuing by Ginga Saroba with presentation of capoeira , and later fire juggling youth shared a magical performance.
Despite some technical obstacles, and difficulties whole event was done with love, by open heart of all of those who participated small of big way, and by those who has enjoyed in more passive role of spectators .
Mahi and Jean were taking care of lights and sound, and Santiago has connected everything and everybody....

Drumming Jam for Ecuador

On Saturday 21st of May Youth Centre hosted a fund raising event for the relief of victims of earthquake in coastal region of Ecuador on 16th of Arpil this year. The evening has started with drumming jam session of Africans with friends and addressing note of the organizer - Santiago, volunteer from Ecuador.

Puducherry Police Brass Band

At the Gandhi beach, every weekend there is a brass band playing music near the Gandhi statue and no, they are not regular musicians. They are the rough and tough police force of Puducherry. The Puducherry police band was started in 1974  by the then Inspector General of Police,Mr.Nikhil Kumar. It was first called the Sepoy band. The band now performs at all ceremonial parades especially Independence day and Republic day. They perform a variety of genres and entertain the public. Their committee includes DGP,S.I, Head constables and Police constables. Their public performance is mainly done to give the tourists a good feeling about Puducherry and to tell them that Puducherry police are very friendly and helpful.

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Svaram Crew for Ecuador

Succesful evening of fund raising event for victims of earthquake in Ecuador at Youth Centre on Saturday, 21st of May was going on with high energy of Svaram Music Crew....sharing sounds of nature, and high beats

An Odissi Recital

Saturday evening as the people gathered at Adishakthi to enjoy the music and dance performance which was organized by the crew of Adishakthi. Vandana Supriya, Poornima Kartick, Shruthi S Kamath, Sibashankar Satapathy, Ganesh Desai, Prakash presented their different styles of Odissi. which describes the beauty of sculptures dance form. Odissi is known as the 8th classical dance form in our country. Odissi is dance which elevated to design the conciseness.  There were various dance presentations like Kala Pallavi which refers to an abstract of pure dance form, and Abinayam which refers to the expression of sentiments of deep emotions.

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