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Last night performance Park at Adishkati within Remembering Veenapani month long festival yielded laughter from the gathered audience. A Sandbox Collective production directed by Nimi Ravidran on humorous way highlighted human psychology when it comes to ego and possession. Set in the small park of three benches with an inevitable squabble for the choicest of seats by three men Playwright: Manav Kaul Director: Nimi Ravidran Performers: Ashis D'Abreo, Jimmy Xavier, Deepak Subrahmanya Light: Bharavl Sound: Medha Agrawal

Comments: 0 Date: 19 Feb 2017

Indian Steam at Adishakti

Remembering Veenapani Festival 2017 at Adishkati has started last night successfully with Prodigal Theatre, UK , and their performance Indian Steam. Although Prodigal Theater performs more parkour stunts the red thread of the show was a skeletal remain of a steam locomotive, around which different stories took place.

Before the play team of Adishkati officially opened the festival with drumming.

This month Adishakti will be remembering Veenapani Chavla with many performances and theater plays every weekend.
Tonight , Saturday 4th we can see Akshayambara by Playwright &Director:
Sharanya Ramprakash; and tomorrow , Sunday 5th a spectacular Jujubee , Directed by Rajiv Krishnan.

Nalaikki Fair – Can of Worms

TLC offered, as usual, a theater play, humorous twist about the latest Fertile Forest chaos - Can of Worms. And as usual, the play was a great success with abundant laughter of the audience. The whole Nalaikki Fair, a community traditional celebration of Christmas, was a huge work of many - from YC staff, volunteers (different ways), musicians, performers, cooks, .... Johnny's tea stall ... and of course the excellent MC Jesse and Sushan and surely without a proper sound of Matthia we would not be able to hear much.

Comments: 0 Date: 08 Jan 2017

Once Upon a River

Last night premiere of Vinu Karthick play Once Upon a River at Sri Aurobindo Aduitorium, Bharat Nivas, Pavilion of India once again proved that our community with its bioregion does have lots of talent. Further, collaboration with many of good will and creative ideas brings that extra flavor to the whole thing.
about the play
As Vinu says "It is eternal story, but with a twist" Oncde Upona a River is a playful comedy with lots of music , touching the areas of relationships with a pull between Love and Passion. For the twist one of the celestial beings Narad manage to create chaos with manipulative question - which is more essential for the perfect relationship either Love or Passion? ..... with the amusement of Narad chaos begins destroying the illusion on perfection...
at the end ....Happy End.

The play will be played also tonight and tomorrow night - 8pm at Bharat Nivas.

actors: Vinu Karthick, Chetan Kumar, Shilpi, Swar, Kalou, Sophie, Deep, Renana, Christophe, Shrey, Franzi, Siddharth, Natasha, Sethupathy, Hema, Satish, Prithvi, Yashoda, Kineret Lali, Mukesh Kumar 
original scores : Hartmunt Von Liers
singing coach
: Shakti
festival music performed by Mohanam Sound Troopset
design: Swar, Ok, Christophe, Mukesh Kumar
lighting design: Jean L.sound and
video design: Franzi and Myrta
costume design: Tanya
stage manager: Maheshasst. stage managers: Sanjeevi and Gospelasst. director: Franzi
directed by Jill

Rage & Beyond Irawati’s Gandahari

Another event for the "Remembering Veenapani Festival 2017", "Rage & Beyond: Irawati's Gandahari" under the writing and direction of Sanjukta Wagh, with Hitesh Dhutia on acoustic guitar. Sanjurta Wagh says: “Rage and Beyond” is not just my response to the character of Gandhari as she appears in Iravati Karve’s “Yugant”, a text that was hailed as one of the first contemporary reinterpretations of the Mahabharata by a woman writer in the 1960’s. When I enter this text in 2014, I am negotiating with the tremendous ebb and flow that inevitably happens when one tries to embody an archetype, a mythological character that is so deeply entrenched in the Indian cultural consciousness. It is at the same time my interaction with Irawati Karve as an empowered woman, deeply rooted in Marathi tradition, someone who was known for her scholarship and yet sought to have a conversation with the world through her non-academic writing. In this rewriting and embodiment of Irawati’s Gandhari, I am trying to keep this complexity alive without the need to either essentialise or glorify either author or her character, by not trying to fill in the blanks."

Comments: 0 Date: 13 Feb 2017

My Burning Heart – Satprem

On the 15th Janurary 2017 at Cripa, Francesca enacted a monologue from Satprem's interview "7 days in India" titled "My Burning Heart", which was directed by Moghan. It was such a great performance where everyone present appreciated the acting as much as the story.

Comments: 0 Date: 20 Jan 2017

Auroforest Theatre Play

On the 20th December 2016 at Deepanam school the children of the Light class presented a play called "Auroforest" to a gathering of parents, friends and also students from the Transition school. The play and performance was absolutely heart melting.

Comments: 0 Date: 20 Dec 2016

Jujubee – Remembering Veenapanii

A kingdom of rules. An evil king. An unlikely heroine. A Jujubee.... This forms the premise for a fantastic story filled with action, colourful masks, larger-than-life puppets, music and dance! A thought-provoking play for children. Directed by Rajiv Krishnan

Comments: 0 Date: 06 Feb 2017

The Great Nebula in Orion

On the 10th Janurary 2017 at Pitanga, Jill Navarre and the Auroville Theatre Group presented a performative character study based on Lanford Wilson's "The Great Nebula In Orion", by Franziska Detrez, Mytra Konietzka and Nele Schute. The presentation was superbly done.

Poumi: Connecting with the Cosmos

Everyone is welcome by Poumi to her latest workshop offering for Auroville community starting from Monday 19th dec at CRIPA, Kalabhumi. The workshop will be held for 5 days in the morning from 9:30 am - 1:00 pm. Everyone is expected to come with loose and comfortable clothing as the workshop intends to connect kundalini yoga through dance, meditation not through stillness but experienced through artistic movements of the body. Poumi, who is an established artist in Paris, France has been helping people realize the kundalini through dance for many years. Poumi says, people often forget they are part of the cosmos. In their daily routine schedules, people tend to loose touch with the infinite potential that lies within them and also sometimes loose contact with the fact that we are at all times governed by the rules of the cosmos. Poumi wants to connect the people back to their true inner power and provide a space for self expression with music and dance to let go off all inhibitions and just embrace the moment. Enjoy the pleasure of being powerful within and find ways how we can channel this energy to create better future for everyone.

Comments: 0 Date: 19 Dec 2016
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