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Category Archives: Performing Arts

Deepawali 17th Oct 2017

The yearly Deepawali celebrations were a huge success. The numerous crowd filled the Solar Kitchen ground this year due to the fact that Bharat Nivas is under the construction (where our annual celebration occurs). AV children and adults brought us different styles of performances going from traditional folk, classical dance to contemporary dance and hip hop singing. The evening concluded with inviting all the artists on stage. Thanks to the team of Sangamam and all the Aurovillians who took part in this wonderful celebration. Till next year.....

Comments: 0 Date: 25 Oct 2017

11th Creative School Concert

This program is about teenagers that travel the world ad perform. For the 11th time we had a chance to see performance of group of students of Creative School, based in South Korea. Children travel around the world, and try to learn, and interact with people, wherever they go.

Interview after perfomance of Bhu

After the Premiere of Bhu/Earth we interview the choreographer Philippe Pelen Baldini, his assistant Thierry Moucazambo and other artists of the dance and music performance.

Suresh, Percussionist and teacher of traditional Music of Kerala together with Prakash and Madhu from Swaram of Auroville created the background sound of the martial art dance show.

Suresh played on a large copper drum called Mizhavu. A traditional drum of Kerala which is almost 1000 year old. This hand percussion is considered as sacred and it is used to accompany the holy ritualistic temple performance Koodiyattam and Koothu.
Prakash and Madhu played on Swaram designed and produced instruments.

Listen to the full audio recording of the performance

Auroville Short Theater Festival

Francesca and Elke take the first step towards creating a theater festival that gives everybody the chance to express themselves. All is required to participants is an original 10 or 15 minutes short theater play .
The aim is to invite on the stage the diverse forms of creativity we have in Auroville and also offer the opportunity for people new to theater to get involved
Let's uncover the creative writing skills hidden in Auroville!

How to get involved:
1. Write a short script and submit it to avshorttheaterfest@gmail by the 15th of September 2017.
2. The writer will be responsible for contacting people needed to stage the play (director, actors, make up artist, costume designer etc.)
3. There are no funding available from the Short Theater Festival towards costumes, props, etc.
4. This event is only open to Aurovillians and Newcomers of 14 years and above.
5. Only original scripts please (no plagiarism!) and never been staged before.
6. The contents of the script can be about any subject.
7. The staging will take place in CRIPA between September 2017 and February 2018. Cripa will know its availability for this event only at the end of September 2017

Peace Day at Unity Pavilion

21st of September or International Peace Day was very special to many people; this day was all about spreading the peace . Peace canon was sung, children were making things from origami and creating dove - bird of peace out of shell, stories were shared...

KINO- a Film in 50 hours

Short interview with Tlaloc on Kino Cabaret, and this weekend movie making marathon of 50 hours for a short film. All films will be screened at MMC - Cinema Paradios in Town Hall on Sunday 19th at 5pm, and all are welcome. Tlaloc also explains the meaning of the Kino Cabaret, and mentions that around 22 people participate this time. For all of those who might missed it, there will be a repetition of Kino in December at the time of Auroville Film Festival 2017

Deepanam Sri Aurobindo Offering

On the 14th August 2017 the kids of Deepanam school performed three short presentations as an offering to Sri Aurobindo for his 145th birthday.
The Light group children offered a history of Sri Aurobindo's life.
The Faith group performed the story of Savitri.
And the Peace group enacted the scene between Krishna and Arjuna along with the recitation of sacred sanskrit mantras.
All performances were well thought out and especially amazing :)

RIP by Savita Rani

Yesterday's monologue RIP or Rest In Peace inquiring restlessness in pieces by Savtia Rani, and Satsang Teatro in CRIPA was mature performance on the topic of feminism or life of a women in India.
Savita depicts a wife, who's sole purpose is to be a devoted wife, and a mother, who's duty is to be beautiful, fragile ... feminine. Yet, the wife decides that she wants, and needs to be more that that, and finds her fulfilment on the day when her husband takes a decision to travel. Her plan succeeds, but along bring disappointments. Although the wife is happy to travel, and learn more about life, she get across as well the ugly tricks of political games of her husband.

Bhu / Earth

Interesting dance performance Bhu/ Earth has been "born" yesterday at Kalarigram , Udayam , Edayanchavadi road as a result of intensive collaborative process of many for over 16 months. Although depicting ancient martial art of Kalaripayattu through a story of young troubled, and angry many, elements of contemporary dance were strongly present. All skillful, and mature dancers (and actors) are also disciples of Kalaripayattu, and we have seen their graceful virtuousity, expressing their deepest emotions and philosophical, spiritual outlook on life, our planet ....universe through dance, and amazing sound either be by percussion or voice .... Direction and choreography: Philippe Light design: Ashwin Sound design: Suresh With: Thierry, Nikhil, Swaroop, Suresh, Madhu, Prakash Special thanks to: Barbara and Ritam, Lakshmanji, Lavanya and Kalarigram, Aurelio and Swaram, Christophe and Cripa, Jean, Joy, Tapas and Bharat Nivas, Claude and french Pavillon, Krishna , Nilen and Auroville art service, Orly and Well paper, Miriam and Auroville Radio, Kali and Sebastien, Kalou and Eluciole Circus, Savitry and new creation, Last School video students, Vinay, Lalit and french alliance Pondicherry link to interview made with Philippe, Thierry and Nikhil prior to performance

Comments: 0 Date: 03 Sep 2017

Beautiful Synergy

In continuation of their exploration through the body reconnecting to the nature Philippe and Thierry with many, many others created Bhu/ Earth dance performance which will be staged on 18th, 19th and 20th of August at 8pm at Kalarigram.
We hosted Nikhil Varagiri, Philippe and Thierry in our studio, and they talk about this performance in the connection to ancient art of Kalaripayattu. As Nikhil, who practices it for a long time, this is the mother to all martial arts on the planet.
" In this show they invoke the spirit of the BHU element (earth). The Kalari warrior carries, in his body, the memory of the earth. Through this process, they are able to reconnect to the pure origin that keeps him in motion with the heartbeat of the earth."...

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