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Off the Cuff-14

Andrea, Renu and Wazo share: news of the radio studio, some on going events in Auroville and Renu continues plowing in the field of Auroville's raison d'etre after observing increasing road side litter, and events that Auroville hosts- she wants to know more about what experiences the Auroville people may live or have. Wazo and Andrea consider Auroville a University of experimentation and discovery. The issue of Sludge waste and why we should be engaged responsible in finding workable solutions and the disharmony of groups.

Comments: 0 Date: 30 Jan 2015


An evening of Flamenco with Shehzeen and Chris at Sri Aurobindo Auditorium in Bharat Nivas.
Shehzeen Cassum has been dancing since the age of 5, she has trained at the Classical School of Ballet and Western Dancers, under Tushna Dallas for several years, and taken courses at the Royal Academy of Dance, in England, while she was in school.
Shehzeen discovered her love for Flamenco at Alegria Academia, and pursued her interest under the tuition of Rosana Maya and Maria del Sol in 2007, she has also taken courses with well renowned maestros of Flamenco such as Marco Flores and Leonor Leal.

Comments: 0 Date: 17 Jan 2015

Off the Cuff No.11

Claude joins us with a short message from The French Pavilion- Meanwhile Andrea, Renu and Wazo discuss recent events and the effect of artists and art, their role in a world.
As the world today is in the throws of a painful transition we must hold hang on to patience, love and tolerance while we make the change.

Comments: 0 Date: 09 Jan 2015

Violin Solo Recital

Last night/late afternoon solo recital for violin of Ladislav Brozman felt like a Christmas gift for musical lovers. Despite rain and dull afternoon many have found the way to Pitanga to "feed their souls" with vibrations of music. Ladisalv who teaches violin at Sri Aurobindo Ashram this time brought to us some specific pieces - Johan Sebastian Bach - Sonata for violin in G-minor-BWV 1001, Eugne Ysae - sonata for violin in G-minor - Op.27 Nr.1 and Johan Sebastian Bach - Sonata for violin in D-minor - BWV 1004. With them, all are technically very demanding, he also challenged himself, and again proved that his heart, soul and life is violin. Excellent violin solo recital.

Comments: 1 Date: 29 Dec 2014

Off the Cuff No.13

Republic day edition, thanking people near and far that support the Auroville Radio and the new space and the Radio's projects.
In this issue we consider the Entry group situation, International zone groups, musings, some feedback on water service, drilling, some other off-off items and gratitude for being here in India.

Comments: 0 Date: 26 Jan 2015

Off the Cuff No.12

Andrea, Renu and Wazo wish you a Happy Pongal!
We remind you of our fund raising needs, we share the progress concerning our work space at the radio, and discuss the feedback from our live performance which we would like to explore and build further, the question of different cultures coming together in a common aspiration that gives us, in Auroville, an advantage. We also observing the world's changes and how these events effect us as well and can clash with our concepts and perceptions of Auroville Culture as interpreted today.

Help the AurovilleRadio!

Comments: 0 Date: 16 Jan 2015

Across the Universe

Last musical offering Across the Universe: The Enchanting Beauty of Medicine Melodies by Vox Mundi Ensemble and Siliva Nakkach at Pitanga Cultural Center brought numerous audience.
Mesmerised by the beautiful journey of songs and voices from Brasil, indigenous Amazonian sacred chants, Yoruba, over to Japan, through gospel, blues and jazz to Indian mantra, listeners remained sited quietly even after the program. Group of excellent singers from Vox Mundi schools from all over the world came together for the first time to sing with Siliva, who is a regular visitor of Auroville for the past ten years.
The Vox Mundi School Project and School of the Voice is dedicated to preserve and cultivate sacred sound and unusual vocal techniques.

Silvia Nakkach, MA, MMT, Grammy Nominated Composer and Recording Artist. Named by Utne Reader magazine as one of 40 cutting-edge artists that will shake the art world in this new millennium. Silvia is a musician that has cultivated a voice that transports the listeners into the heart of devotion, an award-winning composer, former psychotherapist, and a leading authority in the field of sound and consciousness transformation.
She is on the faculty of the California Institute of Integral Studies, where she has designed the premier Certificate in Sound, Voice and Music Healing established in an academic institution taught by master musicians and teachers in the emerging field of sound applications and consciousness studies. She is also the founding director of the Vox Mundi and the Mystery School of the Voice, a project devoted to preserving sacred musical traditions, combining education, performance, and spiritual service, with centers throughout the USA, Brazil, Argentina, India, and Japan. As an internationally accredited specialist in cross-cultural music therapy training, Silvia has pioneered the integration of yogic chanting with somatic and music psychotherapy, contributing an extensive body of vocal techniques and vocal asanas that have become landmarks in the field of sound healing.
Read more:

Comments: 0 Date: 09 Jan 2015

The Merchant of Venice

Last night premiere at Visitor Centre of Auroville Theater Group - Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice brought numerous audience to follow that classical play under the stars.
Dedication, passion and hard work of theater group under direction of Jill delivered three hours long play, with beautiful costumes made by Kiran.
January 21, 22 and 23, 2015 8pm at the Visitor's Centre.
The cast includes:
Savithri Maya as Portia,
Jeremy as Bassanio,
Swar as Antonio,
Rachel as Nerissa,
Jerry as Gratiano,
Nitish as Lorenzo,
Ramesh as Salarino,
Shakthi Kumar as Shylock,
Amudah as Jessica,
Jelger as Lancelet,
Juan Felipe as the Prince of Arragon,
Javed as the Prince of Morocco,
Shiv as the Duke and Tubal, 
Sadish as Stephano.
Stage Manager: Chinmayee.
Costumes by Kiran.
Lights by Mahi.
Directed by Jill.

Comments: 0 Date: 22 Jan 2015

Daughter of the Ocean

Peek of the "Tsunamika Turns Ten" celebration at Bharat Nivas, Pavilion of India, International Zone was with the play/musical at Sri Aurobindo Auditorium - "Tsunamika-Daughter of the Ocean".
Before the play we had a chance to hear the "mothers" of Tsunamika sharing their joy and gratitude for the movement which not only brought them hope, but also changed their lives. Play, written by Manoj Pavitran, and put on stage by alternative theater group Isis from Finland was inspired by Tsunamika movement of hope and cheer.
Liisa Isotalo came across with Tusnamika on her previous visit of Auroville, and was deeply touched by it, and wish to spread the word all over with through the play. The play premiered at Soumenlinna Island, Helsinki in Finland in November 2011, and is performed by Susanna Haavisto and Suvi Isotalo, who composed the music for it. Since then it was seen by thousand. For Auroville it was slightly adapted, in few languages.
The soundscape for the Auroville show has been composed by Finnish musician Soili Perkio along with Suvi; dress for the sun was designed and made in Upasana.

Comments: 0 Date: 11 Jan 2015

Off the Cuff- Andrea, Renu, Wazo

In this weeks episode (#10) we have some good news that a small budget allotment by the BCC for the radio !
However our fund raising process must begin again as well. Wazo's recent experience with the FAMC and Varuna Company who is interesting in providing the electricity for Auroville. Which brings us to the global energy alternatives, the existing choices within Auroville as well as the need by Varuna for a greater participation in the process and direction that the community has taken collectively, and finally the importance of moving forward with the Unity Fund and working towards service supports and fraternity regardless of our personal histories.
We also read volunteer Devaja's ode to the Auroville Radio.

Comments: 0 Date: 03 Jan 2015
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