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Once Upon a River

Last night premiere of Vinu Karthick play Once Upon a River at Sri Aurobindo Aduitorium, Bharat Nivas, Pavilion of India once again proved that our community with its bioregion does have lots of talent. Further, collaboration with many of good will and creative ideas brings that extra flavor to the whole thing.
about the play
As Vinu says "It is eternal story, but with a twist" Oncde Upona a River is a playful comedy with lots of music , touching the areas of relationships with a pull between Love and Passion. For the twist one of the celestial beings Narad manage to create chaos with manipulative question - which is more essential for the perfect relationship either Love or Passion? ..... with the amusement of Narad chaos begins destroying the illusion on perfection...
at the end ....Happy End.

The play will be played also tonight and tomorrow night - 8pm at Bharat Nivas.

actors: Vinu Karthick, Chetan Kumar, Shilpi, Swar, Kalou, Sophie, Deep, Renana, Christophe, Shrey, Franzi, Siddharth, Natasha, Sethupathy, Hema, Satish, Prithvi, Yashoda, Kineret Lali, Mukesh Kumar 
original scores : Hartmunt Von Liers
singing coach
: Shakti
festival music performed by Mohanam Sound Troopset
design: Swar, Ok, Christophe, Mukesh Kumar
lighting design: Jean L.sound and
video design: Franzi and Myrta
costume design: Tanya
stage manager: Maheshasst. stage managers: Sanjeevi and Gospelasst. director: Franzi
directed by Jill

4th AV Singing Festival

Last night we have seen once more that our community has many hidden talents, and in this case many beautiful voices....
4th Auroville Singing Festival was meant to be in much smaller and more simpler scale than previous years with the subtitle "Unplugged"

We have heard
Imagine(John Lennon) by Marlenka, Swaha,Ahilya and on piano Jade and MatthewMarriet Tubman - Paula MurphyPoint of No Return - Tatiana with Rolf(guitar), Shakti (piano), Armando(drums). Gino (percussion)
Accentuate the Positive - Marlenka with Rolf(guitar), Mattehw(sax)
Vanakkam to the Mother, Father, Guru,- Mira Culture Group, Sagu)oerscussion)
Scarborough Fair - Sindhuja and Ananda , Ananda(guitar)
Just a Man - JivatmanSolnyshko - Shakti, Svetlana with Shakti(guitar). Slava(guitar), Gino(percussion)
Soy Pan, Soy Paz, Soy Mas - Susana with Rolf(guitar), Sagu(percussion
Deb. Pietosos, oh Adolalorata (Giussepe Verdi) - VeraHabanera - Carla (Bizet)
Vellai Thamari - Devi Namasivayam
for closure and sing a long OXYGEN

kudos go to OK for up cycle installation on the stage
and Matthias for sound
organized by Community Cultural Colors Noeul, Ananda and Rolf

better images of singers by Manohar you can see here

Nature Music Culture

Last night Visitor's Centre was, despite the possibility of a rain, packed with music lovers anticipating natural sounds of Vayali Bamboo Orchestra from Kerala performing with Svaram Music Ensemble.
Stage packed with bamboo instruments of different shapes an size along with Svaram percussion instruments, and through songs we have heard the water, frogs, thunder, soundscape of the life in villages and rituals.
Vayali Babmoo Orchestra is trying through their music bring awareness of a nature in Kerala, especially the river Nilla.

5th LUYE – Emergence

5th Lively Up Your Earth - eco music festival at Solitude Farm with "home" band Emergence.
As Krihsna, founder of Solitde farm is saying - Permaculture is on!
Beutiful permaculture gardens in our community in different corners are blossoming, and producing..
With project People, Music, Food are trying to bring people together over the essential need of healthy food.
This edition of LUYE was aiming to bring community together in creativity, and indeed was a breezer to create, eat, celebrate together without many vendors, as it was the case in past festivals.
Fusion band Emergence with Krishna, Karthik, Mishko and Sound delivered uplifting energy of an interesting fusion from karnatik violin to rock ballads ..... which left only few people seated.

12 artist and Collaboration

Yesterday at Bhavishyate 12 artist, participants of ceramics camp at Vidya Nagar shared with the community presentation with slide show . They were all enthusiastically talking on on their recent positive and inspiring experience at an Art Camp(Hosted by the JSW Foundation, at Vidyanagar, Karnataka)The whole camp of two weeks was in focused on Inner space Outer space - A Ceramic & Sculpture Conclave. Most of the artist have created tow pieces, and we saw some amazing sculptures.

Participants were : Nausheen Bari, Marie-Claire Barsotti, Puneet Brar, D.Saravana, Chantal Gowa, Kratu, Nele Martens, O.Ramesh, Saraswati (Renata Sereda), Sabrina Srinivas, Priya Sundaravalli and Masha.

Live Music

Excellent "home" musicians has treated us once more with amazing concert. Tonight at CRIPA in Kalabhumi we heard Catalonian, Spanish, French and English songs sung by Nuria with Matt on piano and sax, Holger on bass and viola, Shanks on guitar and back vocal and Sreenath on drums.   p.s. due to technical problems at the concert was a buzz which you might notice on the recording

Comments: 0 Date: 30 Sep 2016

Capoeira workshop at Solitude

what was supposedly to be a workshop turned into one of the most happening moments at the Solitude fesival. more info www.

Comments: 0 Date: 26 Sep 2016

Poetry Reading for Peace

On the 16th of October poets, musicians and beauty lovers gathered together at the Unity pavilion to recite and sing for world peace.

Comments: 0 Date: 18 Oct 2016

5th LUYE – AV Sisters

Early afternoon, Solitude Farm , Lively Up Your Earth, the 5th edition is about to begin ... and on the stage as the first band more and more popular Auroville Sisters with Shakti, Vera, Swaha accompanied by Shaks on guitar, Rolf on bass and Mattia on drums.

5th LUYE – Jam Session

5th Lively Up Your Earth eco music festival was coming to an end with a jam session . From announced Hidnustani fusion funk jam we have hear an interesting vocalist Guarav with Shanks on guitar, Mihsko M'BA on bass, Sound on drums; for last two pieces Taher joined them with djembe.

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