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Off the Cuff-46

OTC's random topics of the day: Gandhi Jayanti an official holiday but the radio team was busy and preparations for the Film festival, that is opening today, were on-going. Movies from all over the world were collected and it is an exciting moment for all.
Auroville is covered by the major Indian newspapers with positive articles regarding our cultural events and more. It's amazing to see how productive Auroville is. Meanwhile Pour Tous Water has its first birthday and Wazo suggests that BCC & Finance needs a collective re-thinking to look at how to move to a service society and a Fraternal Economy. Renu gives a brief report on wildlife sightings and the magic relation with nature in the Green Belt concerning wasps and bees. The Millidacious play and how to balance the free access to events organized in Auroville and the people who come from outside and the costs faced by the artists?

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Off the Cuff-44

This Friday regardless of our individual distractions we manage to note a few things like the odd coincidence of a computer bug in the Financial service system after Ganesh birthday Puja, a call for new members of the Unity Fund that describes needed skills but seemingly makes no demands for an economic vision or direction. We mention a debate on Auronet claiming that we should cut trees to save water?!! Meanwhile wells along the East Coast Road are increasingly turning saline due to salt water intrusion ... the only potential upside to this disaster is that it may effect the inflated land prices. Where to go for a cheap dosai in Auroville? We let you know and some loose talk on our food spots, and a short feedback on the recent Group Meditation called by the RAS and of course how to slash donate to keep the radio going and to support this and other programs at the Auroville Radio please visit the page:

Hindustani Flute Recital

Before her departure to pursue higher studies Chandra has decided to share with the community bansuri flute recital last night at Indian Space, Bharat Nivas, Pavilion of India, International Zone. At that occasion she was accompanied with one of her teachers of Hindustani music Bryce from Sri Aurobindo Ashram on bansuri flute, and Devi on veena. Chandra herself was for past three years a student of Pandit Hariprasad Chaura. Ragas and tunes of Hindustani classical music, played with amazing virtuousity were carrying listeners beyond the space and time, revealing ancient spirits of India.

Comments: 0 Date: 13 Sep 2015

Botanical Garden Celebrates 15!

Auroville Botanical gardens on Saturday afternoon celebrated its 15 year anniversary. An afternoon of guided tours, a very special treasure hunt for all ages, and at 4:30pm the Genius Brothers join in the fun together with Auroville Radio to broadcast the entertainment and fun filled family atmosphere.

Millidacious with Soul

After many months of preparations, rehearsals, mega production of musical Millidacious is on the stage. Simple story by Paul about and around the mouse Mili, a mouse with the soul who can see beyond borders and have a heart to oversee the differences, and always looks for the best in the one next to her; who after all contributes to solve the life threatening conditions, and reunite real love… About hundred performing, many behind and around the stage, a musical kept the audience on seats anticipating the next moment, next song and dance. Millidacious has proven again that our community is very creative, and leaves no one who would like to participate out. Actors are becoming better and better, regardless the age. Songs home made inspire to dance and sing along. Amazing, fun, soulful.

And the proverb If you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go far, go together applies here as for the story as for the whole production of the musical. Written by Paul. Songs by Paul and Matt. Musical arrangement by Matt. Additional lyrics Clare, Mukta, Swaha. Bast in order of appearance – Aloe, Dinesh, Ahilya, Mir, Krishna, Emanuele, Alyana, Anandamayi, Clare, Jana, Wazo, Kripa, Leela, Jesse, Tara, Pooja, Anadi, Sita, Otto, Hannah, Zohar, Sauman, Maheshan, Eden, Amara, Marissa, Noemie, Mira, Yam, Veronique. Additional cast members – Avvalyar, Gregori, Gugielmo, India, Kalou, Sama, Elke, Elodie, Kaeridwyn, Kilan, Sarah, Suresh, Yogesh, Barath, Claire, Milo, Nadir, Pele, Sudarsana, Zara, Ishan, Mael, Soledad, Surya, Yael, Zoe, Asia, Madu, Thalia. Youth Choir – Abitha, Auroshree, Cameron, Chandra, Daniel, Wurydice, Harsh, Hye Yoon, Janbchup, Manisa, Masha, Priyam Rathna. Production director – Paul Assistant Production Director – Mukta Stage Director – Jesse Choreography – Elodie Costume design and stylist – Jyotis Costume assistant – Gabi, Aurdha, Gabi Set – Nele, Shona, Grazi, Sabrina, Nicole, Tashi, Renu, Wouter Carpenters – Adhi, Prakash, Raji, Suresh, Ayenar Scaffolding – Anad and Matrimadnir crew Make up – Jo, Ange, Nicle, Karen Musicians – Matt – piano, Txuma – bass, Matthia – drums, Andy – rhythm guitar, Edo – lead Guitar, Gregori – keyboards Assistant musical director – Swaha Singing direction – Nuria Sound – Ruben, Antonio, Saga Lighting design – Mahi Lighting crew – Smiti, Shristi, Kumaran, Manjula, Ashwin, Jean Follow spots – Nasim, Dinesh S Prompting – Pala Stund coordinator – Glenn, Hedia Filming – Doris, Francis Graphic Design – Sabrina Illustrations – Shona Catering – Auradha, Angela, Jessamijn Funding – SAIIER and FWE Recording – Auroville Radio
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Comments: 0 Date: 29 Sep 2015

Mime – Physical Poetry

Mime Troupe of Auroville last night at SAWCHU, Baharat Nivas, Pavilion of India, International Zone shared a short performance dedicated to the Masters of Mime and The Spirit behind the world Metropols. After the performance Drupad informed the audience about the upcoming Mime Festival at the end of November in Auroville.

Comments: 0 Date: 17 Sep 2015

Off the Cuff-43

As usual here are our off the cuff topics for this week. We discuss sludge and the community, Feedback on Auronet, the proposal for entry, the issue of Auroville lands; usage, protection and fencing , the ACUR management, BCC and the Auroville Services. Andrea donates a couple of Galaxies as the universe is very generous and Wazo speaks of Fraternity while we still wait for some audio messages (an added feature on our web-site). Anyone in Auroville is always welcome at the radio to correct our views or explain why things are not the way we happen to see them.

Comments: 0 Date: 11 Sep 2015

Off the Cuff-45

Off The Cuff is growing and growing! It seems that we now have 4 or 5 listeners !...
The Millidacious show is starting tonight and we have a short report regarding its preparation back-stage.
We were told that there is conspiracy already in place for the selection of new members for the next Auroville Council and Working Commitee.
Renu reflects on the importance of representing Auroville values in administration despite the difficulties faced. Services are moving forward in sharing a common place in the Service Area. Wazo proposes that the BCC should present their own report and that the commercial mind set operating there should be changed into a service oriented vision and direction. Solar Kitchen is going to discontinue providing dinner as too few people are present however Andrea mentions that the previously popular Solar Cafe' is closed in the evening and it may be considered to keep it open in the night to serve food.

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Community is already buzzing - yes, the new musical is coming up, and following is an short interview with Paul, who wrote the story, and music is also "home made" In the musical we will follow the story of a mouse Milli, and her transformation. The project of musical involves many people, beside 100 on the stage and extraordinary back room help. Another few days, and on 25th, 26th and 27th at Sri Aurobindo Auditorium, Bharat Nivas, Pavilion of India. and we will need Free tickets to attend the show, which we will be able to collect from Friday 18th :
or we can pick them up at Solar Kitchen and Town Hall

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Off the Cuff-42

In this episode we share our observations, joys and apprehensions on random topics such as Sydo's visiting brother, the 908 days to Auroville's 50th Celebration, Wazo explains the layers of festivals as "official" and "underground", how policies sometimes do exactly the opposite of their original intention and solutions to help fix that, our wonderful tech team, the new sludge plant and if our economy is detrimental to best practices, the development ideals we stick to versus what people actually want and more ...

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