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Category Archives: Performing Arts

About Tango with Aurevan & Jorge

Argentine Tango has been growing for the past six years through out India. Auroville is one of its central hubs. Over the years a group of about 30 enthusiasts have gathered in the international township, to study and to dance. March 2015 will see the 4th Edition of the Auroville Holi Tango Festival. Here is an interview with two of the Auroville tango teachers Jorge and Aurevan, sharing their experience and their vision of Argentine tango, and their personal growth through this art. The images are a summary of the evolution of tango in Auroville over the past few years. For details regarding classes, milongas or the yearly festival: Email : Facebook Group : Tango in Auroville, India Facebook Event : Auroville Holi Tango Festival 2015, INDIA !!!

For 1000 Years of Peace

Trovadores yesterday at Unity Pavilion in International Zone joined the World Poetry Movement for 1000 years of Peace. Although due to summer months the event was not highly attended the atmosphere prevailing was of peace. Couple of Jivatman songs sung along brought life into the topic which is devastating still in many corners of our planet. Trovadores will continue with their regular poetry reading, and singing meeting every last Friday in the month.

Comments: 0 Date: 25 Jul 2014

Attacked by a Bull

On the 10th of May, we had the pleasure to see the performance Shaandh (the bull) in Adishakti. The play is a Bengali adaptation of Anton Chekhovs The Bear, made by Debaranjan Chatterjee, with actors Gautam Mitra, Sunayana Panda and Subir Chakroborty. A landowning little widow locked herself in the house, mourning her husband that passed away. Her footman begged her to stop mourning and get outside again. She ignores him and wants to be faithful to her husband, even though he cheated on her and disrespected her.

Then a landowner forced to get inside the house and wants to see the widow. Her husband owes him 50.000 rupees and wants to be paid by Monday. The widow refuses and it even gets into a real duel after she insulted him as being a bull. The landowner is impressed by the audacity of the woman and realizes he has fallen in love with her. The two get close and the play ends in happiness.

Comments: 2 Date: 10 May 2014

Rock'n'Roll for the End

The "Fair Extraordinaire" was concluded with Amrit's Rock'n'Roll Band. With some delays, the fair came to a successful end with solid rock'n'roll and interesting lyrics. All those who had been waiting rather patiently into the late hours of the night were thrilled and compelled to join the band in dancing in front of the stage.


Comments: 0 Date: 28 Dec 2013

Genius Brothers Show

Oct 25th The Genius brother's entertained a packed audience at the visitors center with show that resolves our Governance and other pending issues in Auroville. You can listen to some highlights in the beginning of the recording and the 1 hour show follows.

Electro-Gypsy WOW!

After one of the hottest day in this summer, Visitor Centre last night with a promise of interesting, professional and fun musical event, was full. And as they have promised, they delivered an experimental fusion of electronic beats and traditional instruments performed live on the stage with excellence. Francoise(clarinet&mandolin magician), Ashaman(flamenco&classical guitar virtuoso), Txuma(El Bass guitar maestro), Swaha(vocal) and DJ Jesse(Bringin' Back the Beats), with Ruben on sound, and with unconditional help of Matthew.

Comments: 0 Date: 31 May 2014

The Madwoman of Chaillot

A poetic satir, romantic comedy drama by French dramatist Jean Giraudoux, written in 1943 was put on stage of Sri Aurobindo Auditorium, Bharat Nivas, Pavilion of Indian Culture in International Zone by Ellen. Excellent acting is done by Afsaneh, Anandamayi, Charu, Daniel, Dodo, Elke, Emanuele, Francois, Ingo, Jeff, Lyle, Mirco, Paul, Samvit, Simone, Veronique, Yuval with Guests: Asia, Tejas, Kalou under Trinity coaching. Costumes made by Agnes, Jean on lights, and Julia and Swaha for make up.

The play is set in the Cafe de l'Alma in the Chaillot district of Paris. A group of corrupt corporate executives are meeting. They include the Prospector, the President, and the Baron, and they are planning to dig up Paris to get at the oil which they believe lies beneath its streets. Their nefarious plans come to the attention of Countess Aurelia, the benignly eccentric madwoman of the title. She is an aging idealist who sees the world as happy and beautiful. But, advised by her associate, the Ragpicker, who is a bit more worldly than the Countess, she soon comes to realize that the world might well be ruined by these evil menmen who seek only wealth and power. These people have taken over Paris. "They run everything, they corrupt everything," says the Ragpicker. Already things have gotten so bad that the pigeons do not bother to fly any more. One of the businessmen says in all seriousness, "What would you rather have in your backyard: an almond tree or an oil well?" Aurelia resolves to fight back and rescue humanity from the scheming and corrupt developers. She enlists the help of her fellow outcasts: the Street Singer, The Ragpicker, The Sewer Man, The Flower Girl, The Sergeant, and various other oddballs and dreamers. These include her fellow madwomen: the acidic Constance, the girlish Gabrielle, and the ethereal Josephine. In a tea party every bit as mad as a scene from Alice in Wonderland, they put the "wreckers of the worlds joy" on trial and in the end condemn them to banishmentor perhaps, death. One by one the greedy businessmen are lured by the smell of oil to a bottomless pit from which they will (presumably) never return. Peace, love, and joy return to the world. Even the earthbound Pigeons are flying again. ********************************************************************************************* The Madwoman of Chaillot (French title: La Folle de Chaillot) is a play, a poetic satire, by French dramatist Jean Giraudoux, written in 1943 and first performed in 1945, after his death. The play has two acts and follows the convention of the classical unities. The story concerns an eccentric woman who lives in Paris and her struggles against the straitlaced authority figures in her life. The original production was done with Giraudoux's frequent collaborator, actor and theater director Louis Jouvet, who played the Ragpicker. The celebrated French actress Marguerite Moreno was the inspiration for the piece. The play has frequently been revived in France, and the title role played by Edwige Feuillre, Madeleine Robinson and Judith Magre.

Comments: 0 Date: 01 Feb 2014

The Tenth Head

In The Tenth Head, Adishakti presents an old story ten heads of Ravana the king of Lanka whereby they become a metaphor for the tension that exists between the individual and the collective. In the play, nine of ten heads of Ravana are a company who are quite happy o conform to a common way of seeing things. Their individuality is limited to each representing one of the nine emotions/ bhavas, from the traditional Indian aesthetic. The tenth however is the odd man out. He does not fir in graphically or psychologically with the other nine head

Driector - Veenapani Chawla Script - Vinay Kumar KJ Performers - The tenth head - Vinay Kumar KJ Artists - Suresh Kaliyat, Nimmy Raphael, Arvind Rane Production, Animation - Anoop Davies Animation & Sound Operation - Apoorva Arhtur Light Desing - Vinay Kumar KJ Light Operations Anoop Davis Musicians - Suresh Kaliyat Chenda, Nimmy Raphael, Volca & Mizahavu, Arvind Rade Edikkya Costumes - Upasan Auroville acknowledgements - Anmol Vellani - music composition for song "Call me Head"

Comments: 1 Date: 02 Aug 2014

The Pondy Street Show

On the 24th of May Auroville Art Service, Intach and the Tourist Department Pondicherry created an open space for artists on the Gandhi Tidal of Pondicherry. The plaza became a cozy place where old and young, from Pondicherry and further away, could enjoy Western and Indian music. The organizers want to create new creative bridges between Pondicherry and Auroville, stimulating artists to bring out new ideas and bringing people together.


Comments: 0 Date: 24 May 2014

Trovadores, Aurelio & Nadaprem

Last Friday, there was a peaceful multicultural art sharing with Anandi at Unity Pavilion. Poems were told through sounds and movements with music, and mime artists and lovers told stories in various ways. Nadaprem and Aurelio led a beautiful musical meditation, using a mix of soft Western-Indian harmonies. Joska took us on a trip back to medieval times, generously sharing, with his guitalele, his love of the era. Drupad joined to tell a poem through mime and poetry lovers read poetry in Tamil, Spanish, and English. We hope to see you all, as we meet again on Saturday March 1st!


Comments: 0 Date: 31 Jan 2014
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