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Water, Art Break Day

Today at 4.30pm at SAIIER conference Room series of Joy of Learning with The Auroville Water Challenge .

1st September (Tuesday), 5pm at Unity Pavilion we are invited for an informational meeting with Varuna team (including Michael Bonke)

1st September at 5pm at Pitchandikulam we are invited to join them for a short presentation and discussion on the topic of What is the Global Ecovillage Network?

Friday, September 4th from 9 am to 5 pm Next to Dreamer's Caffee in the Visitorâ?'s Center ART BREAK DAY 2015 with this year theme "I am"

Every one has in him something divine, something his own, a chance of perfection and strength in however small a sphere which God offers him to take or refuse.
/Sri Aurobindo/
The Hour Of God

Affrodable Housing, Thoothuvarkal

On 22nd August at 5pm at the Multimedia Centre, Town hall Complex
Ashok Lall will give a talk “A critique of the current belief and accelerating trend toward high-rise high-density as the panacea” by followed by Q&A with a panel comprising of Sanjay Prakash, Tamnay Tathagath and Dean D’Cruz; all well know in India for their work in Sustainable Habitat. This talk is organized as part of a two day meeting 22nd and 23rd held in Auroville by the Gubbi Alliance for Sustainable Habitat. and the meeting topic is “affordable housing ".

Sunday, 23rd August Time: 7pm Venue: Adishakti Patchwork Ensemble's ILA

Saturday 22nd August 2015 at 7p.m. at Yatra Multimedia,Yatra Multimedia invites you to the release function of the short film THOOTHUVARKAL Written and Directed by *Yatra Srinivassan* Near Newcreation Sportâ??s Ground.

Sunday, August 30th at 4.30pm at  Sankalpa Art Dome, International Zone (Next to Tibetan Pavilion and Canadian Inuksuk we are invited to Yaroslava's Flowers: New Children's Book Launch and Planting!

Youth and Sri Aurobindo

On Wednesday 12th of August at Bharat Nivas, Pavilion of India, International Zone INTERNATIONAL YOUTH DAY from 2pm onward. Slogan for this year is "Youth and Civic Engagement".

On 15th of August we will celebrate Sri Aurobindo's Birthday at the Matrimandir Amphitheatre with a collective meditation with Dawnfire from 5am.

Scenes from Sri Aurobindo's Savitri on 16th and 17th of August at 7pm at the Park of Unity in Matrimandir.
In this experiment, they have explored four moments of the poem: Ashwapathi's invocation to the Divine Mother, Meeting of the two, Savitri and Satyavan* - Meeting with Narad and Dialogue with Death. They have adapted a story to weave the scenes together. General direction by Aryamani.

At each moment may our attitude be such that the Divine's Will determines our choice so that the Divine may give the direction to all our life.
- The Words of The Mother, Vol.14

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Terra Del Sud, Africa

Tomorrow from 3.3opm at Unity Pavilion, international Zone local women who are working in our units, services or as servant in some Auroville homes are invited by Eco Femme and unity Pavilion to a presentation and workshop on menstrual cycle with a possibility to buy subsidized cloth pads.

On Saturday at 11am at unity Pavilion Auroville Green Practices Summer School 2015 students will present their work to the community.

At Pitanga Cultural Centre, Samasti,  on Saturday August 1st at 6.30pm we are invited to an inauguration of TerradelSud, Memories of the South by Aloe of Photographic exhibition.

Lord, we are upon earth to accomplish Thy work of transformation. It is our sole will, our sole preoccupation. Grant that it may be also our sole occupation and that all our actions may help us towards this single goal.
- Words of The Mother, Vol. 13

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Water, Electricity, Badminton

Saturday 29th of August from 2pm to 5pm celebration of Auroville Botanical Gardens 15th Birthday

Sunday, August 30th at 4.30pm at Sankalpa Dome, International Zone, Book launch of Noel - Yarsolava's Flowers.

Friday 28th August at 5pm at Certitude inauguration of badminton court, at 5.15. Badminton Tournament starts.

Sunday 30th August between 10 and 11.30am House Warming of Aruoville Budokan - new Aikido dojo at Dana sports ground.

August 31st, at 4.30pm at SAIIER - Joy of Learning - Water Issues.

1st September at 5pm at Unity Pavilion we are invited for an informational meeting with Varuna team (including Michael Bonke)

1st September at 5pm at Pitchandikulam we are invited to a short presentation and discussion on the topic of What is the Global Ecovillage Network?

Saturday, 29th August. from 9am to 3pm at Savitri Bhavan , International Zone we can participate in one day workshop on Smart Water Management.

An aimless life is always a miserable life. Every one of you should have an aim. But do not forget that on the quality of your aim will depend the quality of your life.
The Words of The Mother, Vol.12

“I slept and dreamt that life was joy. I awoke and saw that life was service. I acted and behold, service was joy”.
Rabindranath Tagore

Savitri, integral Education

Tonight at 7pm at Unity Garden in Matrimandir , if you have not seen it yet you got another chance to see Scenes from Sri Aurobindo's Savitri .

Tomorrow at 4pm at Teachers Center, SAIIER The Teachers Center invites Auroville teachers and parents to Conversations on Integral Education - this week
workshop on Different Learning Styles.

On Wednesday 19th at 3 pm at Le Zephyr Cafe Auroville Board of Services - Services Support Team invites to an Annual Services Gathering --- getting together, to share about our Auroville services ....

The soul is that which comes out of the Divine without ever leaving Him and goes back to Him without ever ceasing from manifestation.
The Words of The Mother , Vol.14

Youth for Change, Taiko

In today's news in a phone interview Kavitha from Youth Link inviting us to an International Yout Day 12th August at Bharat Nivas, Pavilion of India, international Zone. They would like to highlight the positive aspects of what youth is doing in Auroville including our bioregion. Event will be going on from 2pm to 10pm with many presentations of the work of youth, exhibition, shows, open mic, food stalls .......
Saturday 8th of Aug. at 8pm at Sri Aurobindo Auditorium, , Bharat Nivas drumming performance Taiko performance of Yuhei Motoyama from Japan.
At Well Caffe in SveDame Caribbean Night with live performance at 8.30pm of Erika, Siam and Romain after the Caribbean dinner with video presentation.

All that is he, and he is the More than all that is, and we ourselves, though we know it not, are being of his being force of his force, conscious with a consciousness derive from his; even our mortal existence is made out of his substance and there is an immortal within us that is a spark of the Light and Bliss that are for ever.
- Sri Aurobindo

International Youth Day (IYD) is an awareness day designated by the United Nations. The purpose of the day is to draw attention to a given set of cultural and legal issues surrounding youth. The first IYD was observed on 12 August, 2000. International Youth Day is observed annually on 12 August. It is meant as an opportunity for governments and others to draw attention to youth issues worldwide. During IYD, concerts, workshops, cultural events, and meetings involving national and local government officials and youth organizations take place around the world.
IYD was designated by the United Nations in 1999 with the adoption of Resolution 54/120.[1]
International Youth Day is an opportunity to celebrate the creative force and the innovative impetus that young people bring to every society. This year’s theme – “Youth Civic Engagement” – emphasizes the role played by the involvement and inclusion of young people in building social cohesion and collective well-being.

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15years of Botanical Gardens

Saturday 29th of August from 2pm to 5pm the 15th anniversary of Auroville Botanical Gardens. Starting at 2pm welcome and guided tour, at 3pm treasure hunt and at 4.30pm Genius Brothers show with Renu from AVRadio.

Sunday, August 30th 4.30pm to 6.30pm at  Sankalpa Art Dome, International Zone we are invited to a Yaroslava's Flowers: New Children's Book Launch and Planting.

Tuesday 25th of August at 4-5.30 pm The Teachers Centre Invites teachers and parents to the next Conversation on Integral Education with he topic "Integral education from Sri Aurobindo's perspective' by Deepti.

Sunday 30th August between 10am and 11.30am invitation to a House-Warming at the Auroville Budokan - new Aikido Dojo.

It is indispensable that each one finds his psychic and unites with it definitively. It is through the psychic that the supramental will manifest itself.
- The Words of The Mother, Vol. 14

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Celebrations, Dawnfire

In today's news we are featuring two interviews - one with Vera sharing with us an exciting news on arrival of Peace Bell for the dawnfire and evening program at 5.30pm Matrimandir The Birht of the Flame; and in the other Krupa and Kylie invite us to an exhibition of the School of Visual Art - The Art Therapy Exhibition at 5pm at Pavilion of Tibetan Culture in international Zone.
Collective dawnfire on 15th of August - Sri Aurobindo's birthday at 5am at Matrimandir Amphitheater.

Birthday of Sri Aurobindo and Independence Day of India at Bharat Nivas , Pavilion of India, international Zone on - August 15 will be a flag hoisting ceremony at 8.30 am where members of the Youth Group will read some words of The Mother in the four languages of Auroville.

On August 16th and 17th (Sunday and Monday) at 7 pm Scnenes from Sri Aurobindo's Savtiri at the Park of Unity at Matrimandir.

On Satruday 15th at 4.30 inauguration of new health clinic SANTE.

Book Launch on 16th at 4pm at SAIIER Conference Hall by Ireno.

Lilaloka Land Celebration on Sunday 16th at 4pm.

The lotus of the eternal knowledge and the eternal perfection is bud closed unfolded up within us.
- Sri Aurobindo

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Caribbean Night with Live Music

In today's news we are featuring Erika and Siam - musicians, who are volunteering with us on the radio, inviting us to the Caribbean night at Well Cafe in SveDame  on Saturday 8th, starting at 7pm with Caribbean dinner, followed by live music of Erika and Siam with Suresh.

Tomorrow 4th from 4pm to 5.30 pm at The Teachers Center, SAIIER The Teachers Center Invites Auroville's teachers and parents to the next Conversation on Integral Education with a presentation by WasteLess (Chandrah & Ribhu) about our waste and raise of the consciousness.

On 8th of August, at 2.30pm at Verite we are invited by Integral Entrepreneurship Laboratory (IEL) to the session with subjects on human resources, recruitment, training, performance and work culture in Auroville.

Concentration is indeed the first condition of any Yoga, but it is an all-receiving concentration that is the very nature of the Integral Yoga.
- Sri Aurobindo

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