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The Updated City Centre Canteen

While the 'Rain Gods' are continuously keeping us overwhelmed and every bit of Auroville is turning fresh and green, the City Centre Canteen makes a shift from below the Le Morgan Cafe to a new location near the Vehicular Service. Walk through the green of the Town Hall zone to enjoy some fresh, local and affordable food & snacks at the canteen. The canteen now with its exclusive space has 5 to 6 sets of tables and chairs serving all food lovers of Auroville, though it is meant for people working at the Town Hall. Conversations usually go endless in such atmospheres! The inauguration of the new canteen happened this morning which saw the usual enthusiasm from Aurovillians. Listen to what Annemarie and Lakshman have to say about the newly updated canteen!

Comments: 0 Date: 24 Nov 2015

GM of International Zone, Rain

Today at 3pm at Pavilion of Tibetan Culture, International Zone The International Zone Coordination Team cordially invites us to participate in the manifestation of the Dream for this Zone. INTERNATIONAL ZONE GENERAL MEETING. International Mime Festival - Miming for Masters is on, with every day activities, workshops, Acts of mime, and on 22nd we will see common performance with Auroville artist, and on 23rd Gala Mime Show at Sri Aurobindo Auditorium, Bharat Nivas, Pavilion of India, International Zone. Reminder from BCC where they are asking all services and activities to provide a written confirmation about the involvement of individual Aurovilian/Newcomers. Activities and services receiving full or partial funding (recurring budget and/or maintenances) need to send a clear statement to the Human Resources Team about the working hours maintained by each individuals in that activity/service. Only if this confirmation is received at the earliest (within the current month) can the present full time/ half time level of maintenance will continue to be disbursed. Full time equal at least 35 hours a week and half time at least 18 hours per week Wednesday, 18th November, PTDC will be open only from 9am to 1.30pm for their stock taking. To do at each moment the best we can and leave the result ro the Divine's decision, is the surest way to peace, happiness, strength, progress and final perfection. The Words of The Mother, Vol. 14

Comments: 1 Date: 16 Nov 2015

Divali Celebrations, Mosquitos

ARA introductory meeting today at 4pm at Unity Pavilion.

Monday, 9th of Novmeber Community Celebration of Divali at Bharat Nivas, Pavilion of India with fireworks with children at 6pm at SAWCHU, and at 7.30pm Music concert by Anna Taj Band at Sri Aruobindo Auditorium. Tickets available at
Solar Kitchen and Town Hall.

Upasana invites us to celebration of Deepawali on Wednesday 11th from 6pm onward.

On Friday 6th, at 2pm at MMC AV Film Festival Educational Outreach Program invites us to screening of musical fairy tale Die Krone Von Arkus, directed by Franziska Pohlmann; she will be present at the projection of the film.

Financial Service will close down its server from Friday, 6th from 9pm to Saturday, 7th 8am for maintenance.

On Monday 9th at MMC Revival of the Cree Nation in Northern Quebec Audio Visual presentation by Stephen Inglis

Lord, we are upon earth to accomplish
Thy work of transformation.
It is our sole will, our sole
preoccupation. Grant that it
may be also our sole occupation
and that all our actions may
help us towards this single goal.

Words of The Mother, Vol. 13

Theater, Super Full Moon, Rain

Thursday, 5th November, at 4pm at: Unity Pavilion we are invited to an Active Residents Assembly (ARA) - an introductory meeting.

Adishakti Laboratory for Theatre, Arts & Research Edayanchavady Road, Vanur Taluk, invites us The Tenth Head , the last play directed by Veenapani Chawla and written by Vinay Kumar from Tuesday to Saturday at 8pm, and on Sunday at 3pm and 6.30pm.

Auroville Green Practices invites community members to participate in upcoming seminar 'Living Sustainable Tomorrows'. 4-day Seminar from 28-31 October.

Permaculture ? Introduction Workshop on November 7th-8th, 8am-5 pm at TerraSoul Community, Windarra Farm

Mime Waits, 11th Day of Rain

Intoday's news we are featuring Drupad inviting us to a gala mime show - Mime Wait for Godot tonight at 7.30pm at Sri Aurobindo Auditorium, Bharat Nivas, Pavilion of India.

Wednesday the 25th, November 2015 at 6 pm Deepam Celebration of Light.

On Tuesday 24th November between 10am and 11 am the ACUR team welcomes all Town Hall users to enjoy a drink and snack on the occasion of the opening of the renovated ACUR Canteen - City Center Cafe in its new location next to Vehicle Service .

Tuesday 24th, November at 10.45 am we are invited to join Savitri Bhavan for the ??First Brick Ceremony for Sangam Hall.

Tuesday 24th , November,between 4 pm to?? 6 pm we are welcomed to the opening ceremony of Auroville Design Service (AVDZINES) new wing at Mangalam campus (in between Well Paper & Bamboo Centre)

11th day of rain in Tamil Nadu - Schools and colleges in the district of Cuddalore, Pondy state, Villupuram, Thiruvanur, Nahapattinag, Tiruvanamali and Vellore will not function today due to the heavy rain. District collector Mr Sureshkumar asked the people to be safe and avoid two wheeler riding. Gomukhi dam has released water and it will join the people adjoining the Manimutharu are requested to move to safer place, emergency call to Cuddalore – Chidambaram road totally comes to halt due to heavy water in the road. Veedur Dam in Villupuram district is nearing its full capacity; at any time dam might be opened; so people adjoining the area are requested to the safe.

The true aim of the life is to find the Divne's Presence deep inside oneself and to surrender to it so that it takes the lead of the life, all the feelings and all the actions of the body.
This gives a true and luminous aim to existence.
The Mother

Mime, Indian Trajectory, IZ

Featuring Drupad with some highlights of Mime Festival MIMING FOR THE MASTERS - in AUROVILLE from the 12th to the 24th of November.
14th - Acts of mime in Pondicherry
21st - streaming at SAIIER from 9am to 5pm in attempt to contact mime masters
22nd - performance along with Auroville artist at SAWCHU
23rd - gala Mime performance at Sri Aurobindo Auditorium, Bharat Nivas

Monday 16th of November at 3pm at Pavilion of Tibetan Culture, International Zone
The International Zone Coordination Team cordially invites us to participate in the manifestation of the Dream for this Zone.or INTERNATIONAL ZONE GENERAL MEETING

Adishakti is hosting a performance on the 14th (Saturday) and 15th (Sunday) whereby Perch presents MONKEY AND THE MOBILE - a play English, Tamil, Malayalam, Hindi , directed by - Rajiv Krishnan

At CITADINE, Centre d'Art Dominic Dube presents Indian Trajectory with inauguration tomorrow, 13th at 4.30pm

An entire self-consecration, a complete equality, an unsparing effacement of the ego, a transforming deliverance of the nature from its ignorant modes of action are the steps by which the surrender of all the being and nature to the Divine Will can be prepared and achieved, -- a self-giving true, total and without reserve

Sri Aurobindo
The Synthesis of Yoga

Singing Circle, Dance, Police Van

In today's news we are featuring
Marlenka with invitation to have fun at Singing Circle on Mondays at 4.45pm at Pavilion of Tibetan Culture, International Zone.
Savitri share with us an information on dance / theater workshop at New Creation Dance Studio which starts on Wednesday at 9.30am , and it will be going on twice a week for the month of November with an interesting group of performers from Paris.

On Wednesday 4th at 8pm at CRIPA in Kalabhumi Lecture-Concert on Italian Language and Music by Stefano Ragni.

On Thursday 5th at 4pm ARA at Unity Pavilion, International Zone, an introductory meeting.

Let us work as we pray, for indeed work is the body's best prayer to the Divine.
The Mother

Deepam Light, Sangam Hall,

Wednesday the 25th at 6 pm we are invited to a Deepam Celebration of Light They are asking us to be on time because of the program prepared by their children, and we just need to follow the oil lamps in the entrance of old Last School. Tuesday 24th of November at 10.45 am we are warmly invited to first brick ceremony for Sangam Hall which will start construction of this new element of the Savitri Bhavan Campus. On Tuesday, 24th of November, between 4 pm to 6 pm we are welcomed to the opening ceremony of Auroville Design Service (AVDZINES) new wing at Mangalam campus (in between Well Paper & Bamboo Centre) Whatever the appearance we must bear, whatever our strong ills and present fate, When nothing we can see but drift and bale, A mighty Guidence leads us still through all. Sri Aurobindo, Savitri

Comments: 1 Date: 19 Nov 2015

Weather Development, Happy Divali

In today's news we are featuring Punnuswami - Auroville Electrical Service, Manikam - Auroville Road Service and Selvam - Auroville Water Service describing the situation Auroville due to the extreme weather situation. If weather permits tonight we will celebrate Divali together at Bharat Nivas, starting with fireworks with our children at SAWHCU at 6.30pm and with Anna Taj Band musical concert at 7.30pm at Sri Aurobindo Auditorium. Due to Divali celebration tomorrow, 10th of November Solar Kitchen, La Terrace, Av Bakery and AV Bakery Cafe, Financial Service and all the schools will be closed, but Upasana Team will be celebrating Deepawali in Upasana on Wednesday 11th of November at 6 pm onwards. Happy Divali to all! Lord, God of Beauty and Harmony, Grant that we may become instruments worthy of manifesting Thy supreme beauty in the world This is our prayer and our aspiration. The Mother Bad weather: Auroville and Pondicherry A depression has formed over southwest Bay of Bengal and lay centred at 0830 hours IST of today, the 8th November, 2015 near latitude 10.7° N and longitude 83.7° E, about 460 km southeast of Chennai, 440 km east-southeast of Puducherry and 480 km east-northeast of Jafna (Sri Lanka). It would move westnorthwestwards, intensify into a Deep Depression during next 24 hours and subsequently into a Cyclonic Storm. It would cross Tamil Nadu coast between Karaikal and Chennai close to Puducherry around 9th midnight. Dowload the full Press Release from India Meteorological Department

Comments: 3 Date: 09 Nov 2015

Landing Auroville, ARA

Land Board announces - Landing Auroville, new film created by Rakhal and Auro-Image in cooperation with Auroville's land fundraises. Thursday, 5th November, at 4pm at: Unity Pavilion, International Zone we are invited to an Active Residents Assembly (ARA) - an introductory meeting On Wednesday 4th at 8pm sharp at CRIPA LECTURE-CONCERT on Italian language and music by Stefano Ragni, Italian researcher, teacher, musician, journalist who is touring the world by performing a lecture-concert on the history of Italian language through music, a long journey that spans from Vivaldi to Einaudi. Deepawali(festival of light) in Upasana on Wednesday 11th of November from 6 pm onward. The ego thinks of what it wants and has not. That is its constant preoccupation. The soul is aware of what it is receiving and lives in endless gratitude. The Mother

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