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Category Archives: Evolution

Integral Economy

Jean Francois Noubel leads a special gathering at the Unity Pavillion sharing his knowledge, ideas and experience about moving to an Integral Economy.
Now we need to take a deep breath and explore ways to start, to begin, this evolutionary and spiritually economic shift here in Auroville, then the world.

Chapter II Synthesis of Yoga

"The Three Steps of Nature" puts forth that in man's evolution there are three successive elements: a bodily life (the basis of our existence here in the material world) and a mental life into which we emerge, raising the bodily to higher uses, enlarging it into a greater completeness, and a divine existence.....which is at once the goal of the other two.
These concepts are explored and explained in depth.
The duration of the reading of this chapter is 35 minutes. Listening could be for approximately 15 minutes at a time, in order to maintain attention and derive the greatest benefit from Sri Aurobindo's writing, as he so patiently describes the Integral Yoga. Of course it may be listened to in its entirety, according to one's condition and attention span.

Unvironments 4: Arcadia

The Unstitute (UK artists Marianna and Daniel) continues its sonic exploration of meditative landscapes, this time invoking the legendary 'golden country' of Arcadia, ancient Greece, and latent parallels with the Aurovilian project. In Arcadia, the artists become resonant chambers of mentation, projecting internal worlds onto external landscapes, and vice versa. The 'ideal country' of legend is only a tenuous, transient moment existing somewhere between the interplay of external vibration and internal frequency. The dissolution of the parameters of inner and outer - as the ego recognizes its own displacement into fiction, fear or fantasy - is the frequency which we have tried to bring you. This new type of semi-audible space, constructed from audible fractals and projections, echoes of selves creating selves, voices trapped in a chamber of perfect reverberation, evolving into Mandelbrotian sound hallucinations, shall be called an 'Egoscape'.

Comments: 0 Date: 16 Feb 2016

Way forward from Auroville Retreat

The Residents Assembly Team in collaboration with the Action Groups, the Vision Task Force and Wcom presented the reports and proposals to the community of Auroville to discuss the way forward from the Auroville Retreat 2015. There was active participation from the Action Groups as well as the community and the priorities were highlighted. These included 'growth' as the over-arching goal, the involvement of the youth and the need for expanding human resources. Other important aspects discussed included the barriers to people joining the Auroville Community as well as housing. A key aspect that came out during the discussion was regarding research, documentation and communication along with the importance of telling the story of Auroville.

Comments: 0 Date: 07 Oct 2015

CAT06 Jean-Francois Noubel Shares

On Thursday the 12th Janurary 2017 Jean-Francois Noubel shared his insights, knowledge and experiences about the implementation of "The Gift Economy" and about the power and necessity of "Collective Evolution" with many helpful pointers and tools.
His approach was so inspiring and perfect for the need of the moment, prioritizing the utmost importance on bringing silence and presence into all of our daily interactions.

Stepping into theLight of Freedom

Series of lectures by Dr. Sehdev Kumar from University of Human Unity at Unity Pavilion, International Zone BEING & CONSCIOUSNESS subtitled with Bhakti yoga and the Divine Adoration has concluded today.
His last lecture was on : Stepping into the Light of Freedom : Vision of Kabir & Mira

Based on his forthcoming book 7000 Milion Degrees of Freedom, Dr. Kumar presents this lecture series on the nature and mystery of Consciousness with special referencer to the Bhakti Movement, and in the context of studies and research in evolutionary psychology, quantum physics, neurobiology, and new explorations in music.

About the speaker ? Professor Emmeritus at the Universtiy of Toronto, Canada, author of Vision of Kabir, Lotus in the Stone, Matters of Life&Death, Reflection on Bioethics, Law and the Human Destiny and other books. Dr. Kumar is a Nuclea Physicist, and a historian and philosopher of Science, and a Bioethicist, he lectures extensively on topics related to Nature of Mind & Consciousness; a Friend of Auroville.

A4A – To Protect the Land

Mandakini came to the radio on quiet Sunday morning with a big smile on her face, vibrant energy in her gestures, and readiness to share with us some facts on the fundraising campaign A4A - Acres For Auroville, and Green Acres.
A4A was launched on 15th of August 2014, and in just 3 months raised 110 lakhs. Out of that the first one to be bought was plot between Deepanam School, Arka and Matrimandir.
Dedicated, hardworking Mandakini who is actively involved in the activities of AVI France, friend of Auroville, and has lived in Sri Aurobindo ashram does spend most of her time following her inner "vocie" to chose her curse of the action.; and she has been a driving force behind quite many campaigns (Sante, ambulance...)
And as she mentions in between that if we quiet our minds we can receive clear instructions on what to do, following inner voice since the mind cannot see the future. For raising funds for securing land for Auroville she felt that the time is NOW.
Mandakini, Aryadeep, Sigrid, Jasmin and Jyoti which are the heart of the A4A have realized that they need to find one point of unity, and for that they chose plot next to Matrimandir to protect the sacred space of it.

Man in Transistion by Manoj Das

Listen to Manoj Das, as he illuminates on the topic 'man in transition' which he redefined as 'transition with a difference'. Manoj Das was addressing the students from California Institute of Integral Studies, CIIS. Visiting Auroville to learn and share knowledge on different aspects of Integral Yoga. The students were in for a treat as Manoj Das, one of the greatest story teller in India was in mood to create deep insights and share remarkable candid moments from international history, most of which unheard of. The atmosphere was kept very light yet profound by the jovial speaker who in his own way, was feeding the curious students with information which suits their endeavor. A mixture of core science, philosophy, history, politics, spirituality, literature, psychology was served in manner of casual interaction, for which he must be truly appreciated. Manoj Das from the Ashram also shared his own personal journey, upto the point he is today in a very frank and modest manner. It was upto the listener to deepen his grasp because the flow of information was truly profound and inspired a spark of true wisdom. Only in Auroville, is this blend of all worlds possible, a true blessing.

Comments: 0 Date: 06 Jan 2017

VOX.POP Alien.Invasion

Aliens. What do you say about them? You might believe, you might not. This is the opinion of the few people who were questioned on extraterrestrial life.

International Zone – General Meet

The general meeting of the Auroville International Zone was held on the 16th of November, Monday from 3pm to 6pm at the Tibetian Pavilion. The gathering saw around 30 Auroville enthusiasts having diverse cultural backgrounds, working with a common Aurovilian spirit. B, a senior Aurovillian from the International House rendered an overview of the purpose of the meeting, when he also mentioned the soaring pace with which all the new pavilions are currently working. He gave an insight of the 50th anniversary celebrations of Auroville, to be held in the year 2018 and the significance of the structuring of the International Zone. He said, "Different people from all over the world will come here. They will realize that something significant is happening and would want to be a part of us." All the attendees of the meeting introduced themselves and also added few words about their aspirations and dreams of the International Zone, Auroville. To start with, Linda Grace gave a presentation of the proposals for the 50th anniversary celebrations, where she highlighted the idea of art installations at 14 focal points all along the International Zone and also the proposed budget. Martin of AVI shared information on the contribution and participation of AVI in the development of the European area in the IZ. He said, "What is planned also is a temporary European Pavilion which will be much along the lines of the French Pavilion, as the permanent one involves long term work." To contact UNESCO for a new resolution and the creation of a new library within IZ are few of the proposals. Also, he informed that all the AVI groups will be meeting in Auroville, next February. The following groups shared their statuses and works in the form of presentations: - French Pavilion by Claude Jouen, - Bharat Nivas by Aster Patel, she said - "The history of Bharat Nivas is closely intertwined with the history of Bharat Nivas." - African Pavilion by Iraguha, - Italian Pavilion by Samadarshana and Susmita, - Korean Pavilion by Jinne, - Hungarian Pavilion by Bogi. The meeting culminated with a presentation by Luigi and Louis Cohen on the infrastructure planning and development of the International Zone, Auroville.

Comments: 0 Date: 18 Nov 2015
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