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Category Archives: Educational Centers

Marco speaking on Tai-Chi-Chuan

Marco and Krishna offered a valuable workshop for beginners in Tai-Chi-Chuan. The workshop was held at the famous Tai-Chi hall in Sharanga community, in Auroville. The workshop attracted guest and residents of Auroville. The workshop was conducted for 18 days for 3 hours session each morning. One half of the session were dedicated for mediation and Chi techniques and the other half for learning and practicing the 24-forms of Tai-Chi. In an incredible module of teaching, Marco shared his knowledge and guided the students with a masters touch and was very gentle yet vigilant for people's slightest of errors. The workshop was an insight not only to learning of the method but an understanding of Chi which exist in and outside our body, which the Chinese referred to as vital force behind each movement. The Tai-Chi school offers its space every morning throughout the week for people to come and practice Tai-Chi with the masters. Such workshops are unique and life changing for some, as the students attending the workshop give their sharing of experience about the workshop at the end of the interview with Marco. Auroville is truly at the receiving end of a gift the Tai-Chi school and masters like Marco represent.

Comments: 0 Date: 26 Feb 2017

Festival of Evolution

oct 1 muthal oct 12 varai ilaignarkal kalvi niruvanthil, kolu pommaikal vaithu oru anmiga ,kadavul thanmai konda pandikai sirappudan nadakkirathu.ithu miga unnathamana ondru.ithil janaki ammalum,sumithra ammalum sirappu poojai nadathinar.athan anupavangali janki ammalidam irunthu iyyanar petti eduthu, anaivarum ithan payanai kettu makizhungal.matrum ithan pukai padam moolam melum ithanai therinthu kollalam.athu matum indri ithai neril sendru kandu kaliungal.ithu pathu natkal nadakirathu.vanthu kandu kaliungal.

One year of SLI

Tranquil sunny ambient of the courtyard of Sustainable Livleihood Institute facilitated the graceful occasion of celebration for one year of existence. And indeed in one year SLI came to life with full force, fresh energy which truly empowered over 1000 participants through numerous programs. Further a strong bridge between rural Tamil Nadu and Auroville is being built with all of that.
Young team of 14 young members energeticaly managing all the programs while they grow as well.

NKN Begins with Sanskrit workshop

Chandresh shares with us the first upcoming event (connected with the National Knowledge Network) organized in Auroville using the newly laid fiber optic cables on Sanskrit Grammar with the University of Hawaii Professor Rama N Sharma and here at the SAIIER conference room. For Resgistration and details see below.

*A workshop on P??ini

“it is one of the greatest monuments of human intelligence.” - George Cardona

Professor Rama Nath Sharma (University of Hawaii) will present a workshop that will allow students already familiar with Sanskrit to dive deep into it's most beautiful and ancient grammatical traditions. P?nini has influenced not just contemporary linguistics but many other fields and is one of the greatest scholars in India's history.

Date: 12-15 November 2015
Venue: SAIIER Conference Room
Pre-requisites: Some knowledge of Sanskrit grammar is required (this is not a beginners workshop)


Registration can be done online at

Exploring Democratic Classrooms

Heidi Watts and Chris Sperry explored the concept of democratic classrooms over decades in different types of schools in the United States. Democratic schools encourage students to make their own decisions as a student community. This practice cultivates student ownership and student responsibility. In Auroville's Teacher Center both, teachers and parents discussed the chances and challenges as well as opportunities and limits to student decisions. The final conclusion: Let's meet again on that topic!

Comments: 0 Date: 19 Jan 2017

Mohanam Kindergaten Open House

Mohanam Kindergarten Open House celebrated its 13th annual day  on 30th April at Sanjeevinagar. Educationist Meenakshi Akka addressed the gathering and shared her beautiful thoughts about education and culture. The celebration got more interesting with dance performance by the kindergarten students for various different Tamil songs, they also showcase the art works which were done by the students during the whole year. The celebration was a great success by the teachers and the parents.

Comments: 1 Date: 06 May 2016

AIAT – New Campus

At the joyful occasion at AIAT New Campus yesterday at Aurobrindavan many dignitary guest were present along with Mr. Achim Fabig General Consul of Federal Republic of Germany. Germany does support AIAT from the beginning, and this new campus has been initiated two years back with over 2,5 crores donated to spent on it.
Those new facilities will offer youth of the region training in fitter and welder trades as well as in mechanical draughtsmanship, following the dual system of German's education.
The campus itself is the first one which use biological waste water treatment along with other sustainable components of the buildings, place carefully in the mango orchard.

Proskills Launch Event

Out of the desire to foster our education and build up our skills Youth Link came up with apprenticeship program .... and out of it we will witness tomorrow from 7pm onward at Visitors Centre PROSKILL LAUNCH EVENT.
Jesse came to our studio this morning and share an extensive information on the event, and amongst other mentioned that Proskills aims to connect possibilities within as well as from outside to be part of "undedning education"...

Education at Auroville

An idea on how education works at Auroville. A talk with Shankar the principal of Akiyam new creation school, he shared his views about how education develops the minds of the children. how tradition and culture emerges together. and what all developments could be made further in the processes of education at Auroville. Shankar also shared his thought about bringing up college into Auroville. In one word he explained education as exploration at Auroville.

Comments: 2 Date: 29 Apr 2016

Possibility for AV Youth

Yesterday's presentation at Futures school on apprenticeship and internship for Auroville Youth brought up quite some of interesting options. Presentation was made in a joint effort by Auroville Youth, Units and Schools of Auroville, and the Auroville Campus Initiative.
Aurevan, Michael, Suryamayi as an Apprenticeship Program Team introduced efforts to design a core program. Lilith Fashion School, Saddhana Forest, Coffee ideas, Unlimited Tamil Nadu, AIAT shortly presented their apprenticeship programs.
Auroville as a hub of many skillful and professorial individuals does offers many options which could be harvested for the benefit of young generation.

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