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IZ Pavilion Groups Meeting

The International Zone Coordination Team has members of many nations in Auroville. They plan for the physical development of the IZ but also for the development of advanced research e.g. "Research of the Soul/Genius of the Nation", events and activities.
With the coming 50th Anniversary of Auroville in 2018, the IZ Coordination Team would like to start a 3 year development plan for the IZ which has been presented and discussed at 
The Pavilion Groups meeting / IZ Team general meeting of Wednesday, March 11th  chaired by Linda-Grace.
The topics of the meeting were: Securing part of the IZ with a fence; Habitat development, temporary housing / -pavilions / -cluster of pavilions / -continental centers and Activities along the Crown road e.g. the Russian Cafe project, Internet cafe, International Guest House, etc.and development of the infrastructure. (Loop road and Integral Water management)
Additionally, a proposal to start a study group to determine the definition of nations and geo-cultural groupings was introduced.
Active new members are welcome.

Comments: 0 Date: 14 Mar 2015

European Ceremony for Peace

Yeasterday's European Festive Ceremony of planting tree was the first one in the series of events of International Zone at the occasion of The Mother's week, and Auroville's birthday.
Frederike, amongst others, while addressing the gathered, emphasized that the planted tree - Alstonia scholaris, which was recommended by the Botanical Garden for the climate in Auroville representing the oak tree, should united, and bring peace under the shade of the wide canopy of people hailing from Euorpean countries.
In joyful and relax atmosphere on sunny afternoon soil of 44 countries, along with samadhi ash and ash from The Mother's room was mixed in Tibetian bowl and placed under the planted tree to feed it.

From Wikipedia: Alstonia scholaris (Apocynaceae, commonly called Blackboard tree, Indian devil tree, Ditabark, Milkwood pine, White cheesewood and Pulai (Bengali:?????; Assamese:???????); syn. Echites scholaris L. Mant., Pala scholaris L. Roberty) is an evergreen, tropical tree native to the Indian subcontinent and Indomalaya, Malesia and Australasia. 
The Alstonia scholaris is a glabrous tree and grows up to 40 m tall, its mature bark is grayish and its young branches are copiously marked with lenticels. Flowers bloom in the month October. The flowers are very fragrant similar to the flower of Cestrum nocturnum.

Comments: 1 Date: 22 Feb 2015

Anandi of Argentinia travels

Anandi is making the most of the need for a visa renewal by attending in the book fairs and networking to speak about Auroville during her travels where she would like to travel all the Americas from North to South and back again.
The Guadalajara (Mexico) book fair is her first destination where she will show the books ("Monoso", a book illustrated by Auroville children and "The Eternity Game" by Medhananda.
She is ready to go North (anywhere people are interested or willing to do some Auroville activities and working with kids, teachers and parents, as she visits Colombia, Venezuela, Chile, Uruguay and finally Argentina.
In and to coming back to Guadalajara (Mexico) in May, where she is invited to an Universal Encounter.
"I have a little pension that in most of the Countries is not going to be sufficient, any help is most welcome- My Pour Tous ccount number is 251314 Anandi Fernandez Elba. You can contact me by email;  Thanks a lot for the company... Get ready. Gracias.  In Her Love "
Musical fragments artist Luciano Carrasco Valverde & Carlos Colavolpe, Album: Samba Nunca Demais

Comments: 0 Date: 17 Nov 2014

Presentation of Inuksuk

Auroville radio was here last sunday to capture the peaceful moment around the Inuksuk (stone figures created by the first inhabitants of the Canadian north, the Inuit) built by AVI Canada along with aurovilians born in Canada in the international zone. A presentation of the monument and a meditation followed by a round table of sharing experiences of Aurovilians, volunteers, newcomers, and guests created a link between these people of good will who would have never met all together otherwise so thanks Canada for such a great action for unity.

Comments: 0 Date: 03 Feb 2014

Auroville Festival in Chennai

Featuring two short interviews - one with Krishna from AV Art Service, and one with Samvit, participating at Ethical Market. On 1st of March the Auroville Festival in Chennai was officially inaugurated by Dr. K. Rosaiah, His Excellency the Gorvernor of Tamil Nadu, and until 21st of March different aspect of Auroville life and creation will be exposed to habitat of Chennai either with cultural events, talks, exhibitions or through various market presenting our production. Yesterday concert of Aruoville Choirs was warmly accepted. Words of Wisdom The Mother The discipline of Art has at its centre the same principle as the discipline of Yoga. In both the aim is to become more and more conscious; in both you have to learn to see and feel something that is beyond the ordinary vision and feeling, to go within and bring out from there deeper things. 28 Jul 1929, Pg 105, Vol 3, CWM If art is to manifest something in the divine Life, there also a vast and luminous peace must express itself. A mere intellectual, ethical and aesthetic culture does not go back to the inmost truth of the spirit; it is still an Ignorance, an incomplete, outward and superficial knowledge. To have made the discovery of our deepest being and hidden spiritual nature is the first necessity and to have erected the living of an inmost spiritual life into the aim of existence is the characteristic sign of a spiritual culture. Pg 197, Vol 20, CWSA Sri Aurobindo

Skyping with AVI UK

Vikas of AVI UK dialogues with Renu and Andrea on his involvement and work with AVI UK.
He shares memories from the time he lived here, and his insights to some of the hopes and difficulties he sees, the International Zone, as well as the need for a different relationship with the Planning body and the residents of Auroville. A creative and energetic collaboration can evolve, which he believes is of greater importance than the actual constructions on the ground. Auroville Radio is looking forward to further AVI interviews and interactions in the future.
Music Frangments by Auroville  Musician Nadaka 1996, Album-Celebration, Song Inner dawn part 1

Comments: 0 Date: 10 Feb 2015

Guidelines and Mission Statement

General Meeting of the International Zone Group brought forward reports on the current development of the zone, and Mission Statement with Guidelines for work was read. Since there were not real objections except the one of the naming the document itself, it was accepted by the wider group of International Zone along with pavilion groups. With clear guidelines of work, and defining the position and role of coordinators, International Zone finally has a body which can link working groups of Auroville with the concrete line of action and work. Development of International Zone, although is one of the key elements of Auroville, is lagging behind despite quite many individuals who are contributing towards the future of it.

Comments: 0 Date: 15 Sep 2014

When Seeds are Sprouting

Within the events of International Zone this week - birthdays week, yesterday the team Africa House, Pavilion of African Culture presented their progress in work at temporary structures and farming, presented their future plans, dreams and wishes. It all started with drumming from east and west parts of Africa which set the energetic meditative mood of participants supported by rhythms of life. Some of the team members of Africa House presented themselves, and each was talking from his / hers point of view to create a diverse yet united picture of the project striving toward manifestation of the pavilion itself which should be the bridge between the pavilion and the continent itself. Soon the smell of Ethiopian Coffee, along with incense flew into nostrils, and while children were listening to the story about origin of all stories from Zulu tribe, adults were sipping coffee....

Pavilion Groups – Unity

Yesterday's meeting of pavilion groups organized by International Zone Coordiation Team at Pavilion of Tibetan Culture in International Zone gave some reports on the progress of the work in International Zone - each subgroup of the team presented current status, and some of future plans; from infrastructure, development and planning, security, administration to financial report. Second part of the meeting was focused on continuation of the presentation of pavilion groups followed by workshop on unity or soul of the continent, nation.

Comments: 0 Date: 07 Dec 2014

Mozambique, Dance

On his personal journey of life, and through India Luis Paulo Almeida stopped in Auroville for a little bit than a day. On that day - yesterday, he unconditionally shared with the community his vast knowledge and skills on traditional African dance in the dance workshop in the afternoon at SAWCHU, Bharat Nivas. Evening was dedicated to Mozambique, home land to Luis Paulo. With lots of patience he answered on many questions from gathered . Event was organized by Africa House, Pavilion of African Culture in International Zone.

Comments: 2 Date: 13 Jun 2014
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