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Mira Nakashima

Despite a short visit and busy schedule Mira Nakashima has managed to take some time for our interesting interview on Wednesday morning.
Most of the time our talk was revolving around her father - Geroge Nakashima who has made a Peace table which stands at Hall of Peace, and was at the beginning of the past century one of the main architects on the site in building Sri Aurobindo's Ashram Gloconde(the first concrete structure in Asia)
Mira continues father's legacy in woodwork, and is also one of the funders of Peace Foundation.
Today, along with the family will participate at Peace Mediation around Peace Table at Hall of Peace at Unity Pavilion in Interantioanl Zone.

Peace in Cacophony

Brainfever wakes us up in the middle of the night, peacocks cries ... and when the morning comes seven sisters blabber at all times ... Due to lush vegetation and ever green dry forests which surround Auroville, daily soundscapes is the one of birds .... what emerge out of it where are we going what are we striving for and lotus pond sings its song with cascading water ...

Comments: 0 Date: 08 Apr 2016

Auroville Future: Learning To Be

On Saturday 8 of February, Auroville Radio was present in Sawchu, Barath Nivas, to record but also to live broadcast an event organized by Aster Patel with the ambitious topic of the Future of Man: Learning to be, that attracted a good number of the Auroville first comers and pioneers. So one could see a lot of very well known faces.They have been kind enough to share with us their very own experience and view of the dream and on how and why they joined. They formed a circle and used the talking-stick to express their deeper inner feelings.

Comments: 0 Date: 08 Feb 2014

The Origin of Creation

On the night of April 13 1962, Mother woke up suddenly with the full awareness of the Yoga of the world. Mother was the Origin. Fully conscious on her bed, she was great gusts of the essence of Love. There was only the truth of the universe. Mother describes her experience in the recording made the next day. We have the rare opportunity to hear her give this experience in English. She started speaking in French only when she began to speak of the works she had to do. The profound depth of her {experience} is very clear in her voice and in ...

... in the way she speaks. In the course of two more conversations Mother explains this experience in detail. She also imparts a deep understanding of the vast concept of the Avatar, and of Sri Aurobindo the Avatar. Much later, on December 21, 1963, Mother explains how gratitude is only a very slightly coloured hue of the essential vibration of Love. Still later, on July 12, 1967, Mother speaks of the Pulsation of Love that she experienced on April 13 1962 as the true healing power.

Comments: 0 Date: 04 Sep 2013

Interview with Noel Parent

Noel Parent speaks about the forth coming International peace day celebrations on the 21st September and the Auroville peace month which will continue up to the 21st October.

A Call for Grace

"Thou alone art and all is Thou; and the streams of Thy infinite grace fill and overflow the world." The Mother, Prayers and Meditations. At Unity Garden in Matrimandir yesterday afternoon Vera offered to gathered a grace of Russian Bells. Despite very hot day, Matrimandir and gardens were cool with its constant breeze over the area of peace. Joining to joyful chirp of birds, bells started to share frequencies, slowly lulled all beings into a meditative state as the day was coming to an end.

Comments: 0 Date: 24 May 2014

Vedanta Today

Yesterday Dr. Karan Singh, Chairman of the Governing Board gave a talk on 'Vedanta Today' in a beautifully decorated Sri Aurobindo Auditorium, Bharat Nivas. Professor Manoj Das of the Sri Aurobindo Ashram was presiding and he introduced Dr. Karan Singh to the public. Dr. Karan Singh mentioned the origin, the different aspects and relevance of Vedanta in todays world. Vedanta follows the Veda and completes it. The Upanishads are its fundamental elements.

Like all other branches of Indic spirituality, Vedanta is structured on dialog, on question and answer. It posits the essential unity of mankind: Vasudeva Kudumbakam, the world is one family.

Comments: 0 Date: 07 Nov 2013


Sunday morning searching for the expression of the Divine in Matrimandir. Soundscape takes us through park of unity, passing the banyan tree, climbing up to inner chamber, and back down to lotus pond ... returning to shooting sounds of cascading water of the fountain...

Auroville Future Learning To Be 2

The second part of our live recording broadcast from Sawchu, brought a lot of memories and emotions you can now listen to. Auroville is a great push toward human future, but while living there, one is surrounded and questioned by the mirrors created by his own Aurovilian's fellows. It also a place where best enemies have to kiss and opposite have to meet. But lets remember that all Aurovilians have not yet arrive in the city, future is hope. We all experienced the up and down and the difficulties of living in the city of truth.

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The New Being

On January 1, 1969, starting just after midnight, Mother felt an immense personality, something very material and luminous. It was very powerful but its character was a smiling benevolence, a peaceful joy and a blossoming in the joy and the light. It came directly into Mother's body and gave the feeling of something that had come to stay. Mother wondered if it was the personality which would later manifest in supramental forms of if it would manifest in the body of the intermediary being, the {superman}. After that , Mother's body no longer...

had any uncertainty or anxiety to know what the supramental would be physically like. Later Mother had the assurance that this consciousness would manifest earlier that the supramental form, It was there now to go into the body of the superman, the intermediary being. AS time went on, Mother received important lessons from this being, She found that there was also very pronounced change in the people been touched on January first. Mother saw that this new being/ consciousness had a wide action and was working all over the world, changing things. With this new consciousness, Mother had major realizations. She said that this manifestation was the strongest experience She ever had. With this new consciousness established in Her, Mother saw that the Psychic Being would become the Supramental Being. Later, briefly, She had Her own new body. And on November 8, 1972, for the first time, Mother had the Supramental Consciousness.

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