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Category Archives: Auroville’s Economy

Auroville Economy Fundamentals

A new study group has been inspired, to brainstorm and create a resolute economy structure for Auroville of the future. Spearheading this endeavor is Jaya and Divyanshi, in collaboration with other team members. We have a tendency of approaching economy in a very logic frame of mind, based on financial rules and principles and tend to have rigid parameters, here we have a refreshing new approach to economy with spirituality at its base, guided by the principles of only The Mother, and fundamentals derived from interpretation of the Matri-Mandir gardens. Yes! the Matrimandir gardens is like a matrix in its own, gifted to us by the Mother and can bring enormous insights into designing of lifestyles and ecosystems, as Jaya elaborates in this interview. They propose, for an out-of-the-box solution is required to shape an economy, which should have no parallel in the world, as it should very well be like an invention, such is the theme set for Auroville. It is an interesting and thought provoking point-of-view where you have flowers, gardens, spirit and feelings as a vocabulary to design an economy which serves the people rather than an economy designed to enslave the talent and power humans can produce. This group has started off with small steps but with great intensity into research and problem solving methods, starting right from the micro level and building up the economy story. Anyone listening to this interview and is related to Auroville economy must consider offering time and energy to this special group, determined to achieve The Mother's Dream, "Money is no longer the sovereign lord of people"

Comments: 0 Date: 07 Apr 2017

CAT on Economy

Well attended 2nd CAT (Create Auroville Together) yesterday at Unity Pavilion with the title "Where we are to Where we can be... " has brought forward some fresh and "new" ideas. Partialy meeting, partially barnstorming workshop in groups, has united different members of the community in the quest to look at our vital part of our life - economy.

Unlimited Tamil Nadu

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Comments: 3 Date: 19 Nov 2014

Renewable Sources and Planning

As a part of Sustainable Habitats - architecture programs for professionals, organized by Auroville Green Practices Workshop with Auroville Consulting this morning three speakers addressed aspect of renewable sources of energy. Toine was presenting Sustainable Urban Energy Solutions, Joerg was talking on solar PV installations and from Satprem's office Amanda was going deeper into embodied energy in the buildings

Comments: 0 Date: 07 Mar 2013

BCC presents Auroville accounts

The BCC has taken an initiative to hold open meeting with the members of the community, in their effort to make matters more simpler. The presentation speaks about the accounting performance for the year 2016-17 in comparison to the previous year, 2015-16. The presentation was given jointly by members of Budget Cordination Commitee, BCC, which is a sub group of the FAMC, member from Human Resource Team, HRT, which is subgroup to BCC. This is seen as a healthy move and generally in a good direction as during the presentation it was noticed, community members were able to share their grievances but also were able to seek relevant information, thus strengthening the notion of transparency of the systems. Many suggestions were provided to the presenting group by the members attending the presentation which indicates such presentations act as a bridging instruments and should be encouraged. A major topic of the discussion was the status quo of maintenance and the policies surrounding it, a notion was passed around to have a study group formed which can formulate and help finalize maintenance policies which the community at large can comprehend and are in line with the ideals of Auroville.

Comments: 0 Date: 19 Mar 2017

IEL Open House on 'Marketing'

The Integral Entrepreneurship Lab (IEL) conducted a session on the concept of 'Marketing'. The session at the very onset was one where there was a deconstruction of the term and emphasis on how it tends to be viewed in a negative light. While the more conventional aspects involve greed and push-selling, IEL seeked to shed light on its intentional aspects. Thus, they wanted to interpret marketing in an Auroville context where it could be meaningful rather than inethical.

The session was interesting and interactive, with hints of humour and ardent audience participation. After the initial presentation (which can be heard alongside), the group was divided into four parts via pizza box tool kits and interacted with the entrepreneurs about topics ranging from branding and packaging to humour and graphic design. Some of the important points raised in the session regarding Auroville as a 'brand' involved both positive as well as problematic criteria and one could detect a collective need to branch out. A point raised repeatedly was the urgent need for social media service in any kind of marketing venture.

The co-working space in Auromode was raw but looked promising and it was refreshing to see a desire for action and the spark in the people involved. A bazaar atmosphere could be detected as people milled about the room. Though a lot of the ideas are in their formative stages, the IEL can be contacted on for further information.

Auroville Units & Services

This was the 2nd session of 'Joy of Learning Series', organized by Auroville Campus Initiative, ACI. Joy of Learning Series is an attempt to create space for collective learning environment on various aspects related to Auroville's growth. Still within the theme of 'Auroville Economy Overview', this session was planned to cover: 1) Evolution of The Mother's vision on Economy - by Gilles G 2) A chronological account of Auroville's Economic Experiments since beginning - by Alain Bernard 3) Overview of Auroville Services Landscape - by Nicole and Isha Next session is proposed to address the overview of 'Diverse practices of Units'. The report of first session covering 'Unique Features of Auroville economy and Financial Structure' could be accessed on Aurowiki: The recording could be accessed on Auroville Radio: To contact, please write to Auroville Campus Initiative (ACI) Team - Lalit, Mike, Min

Comments: 0 Date: 24 Oct 2014

CAT12: Progressive Economy

Economy is the topic everyone in Auroville is pondering on and has a reasonable idea on what is going wrong, but how to get it in line with the ideals of Auroville is the question? How can the economy of our future be, progressive, inclusive and sustainable? The Lotus group, represented by Micheal and Yves made a fantastic presentation in the last CAT's get together. The presentation was structured, rehearsed and beautifully articulated. It was designed in a unique manner, so that all the content of the matter is properly presented and no clutter of opinions is created. All the questions regarding the presentation can be directed to the Lotus group for which they will answer on the Auronet. Anyone who has an opinion or wants an idea on economy must listen to this program and then participate in the series of round table discussions which will be organized by the group to formulate their final proposal which hopefully can be presented and later acted upon by the Community. To download the pdf in English click here To download the pdf in French click here

Comments: 0 Date: 14 Mar 2017

ad-hoc Resource Mobilization Team

Gijs introduces us to the work of the ad-hoc Resource Mobilization Team (Taranti, Marieke and Gijs). They meet every Wednesday morning in Upasana. Listen to how project holders can get help from the team in; project writing, organizing and matching them with funders and more. In cooperation with PCG the team is looking for other sources that could match the needs of funders and project holders. Gijs is also the founder of Tamil Nadu Ultd which helps to fund social entrepreneurs.
You can also look here:

Comments: 0 Date: 29 May 2015

The Auroville Economy

Today the SAIIER conference room overflowed with Aurovilians eager, interested or merely curious to attend the first Joy of Learning session, titled "The Auroville Economy - are we different?". Divya first presented a comparison between the world economy and Auroville's ideal internal economy, and introduced the concept of 'social capital'. She reflected on the maintenance system, and identified gaps in AV's economy. Lyle guided us through some of Auroville's basic financial realities and emphasised the need for more analysis of the data we have, posing some provocative questions - "what do we know about the health of Auroville's economy?" Suhasini and Chandresh joined the panel for a question answer session from the audience, and each panelist offered one idea for improving the Auroville economy over the next five years. The session was the first in a series offered by the Auroville Campus Initiative."

Comments: 1 Date: 02 Sep 2014