Photographer:Yahalom | Magical Fire Photographer:Yahalom | Fire Family Photographer:Yahalom | Danielle, Mira and Auroshee Photographer:Yahalom | Fire Moves Photographer:Yahalom | LED Dreams Photographer:Yahalom | At the End
13 Feb / 2011Program by:

Fire Magic

Beauty in movement, and cleansing fire…simply magic. After many years, the fire family treated us to a beautiful performance of excellent choreography: Kalou and Aurevan accompanied by world music with fire and LED lights. All the performers were children, the youngest was only six. The Visitors’ Centre was crowded, and the audience followed the performance with enthusiasm, sometimes holding their breath, to burst into big applause after the crucial moments…and in acts with fire, simply mesmerized by the power of it.

"…something truly needs to be done about dancing – Bhratnatyam or any form. Because with this new consciousness around to do something with the body is most essential. Since with body that we have to truly work in the new consciousness… On ne peut vraiment aimer au’aves le corps one can truly love with only body The Mother


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