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Category Archives: The Mother

Mother's Q & A – 6/6/56

Mother's Questions And Answers, June 6, 1956, Part 1

Mother explains how to ask for the answers to spiritual questions by using books of revelation and spiritual knowledge. Then she explains how the process works and she demonstrates how to do it. Sri Aurobindo called this method "sortilege". He used it himself, and wrote about it often in his diary, the Record Of Yoga. This week there is no original French tape recording of the class.

Mother's Q & A – 23/5/56

Mother's Questions And Answers - May 23, 1956

This week Mother explains the difference between Yoga and Religion and tells a story about herself and a clergyman. She says that those who have a spiritual destiny will follow it within a religion or outside religion. Then she asks a lot of questions about the real sounds of very ancient Egyptian heiroglyphs. We also have two other conversations relating to this subject which were not held in the class. In the first conversation, Mother explains that she asked these questions because she cannot remember the sounds from her past lives, although she has no problem with visual memory. In that conversation she speaks of a vision she had of her past life as the mother of the Pharoah Amenhotep IV. In the second conversation she gives more details about her vision. Amenhotep IV changed his name to Akhenaton. He was very much under the influence of his mother and he moved the capital of Egypt to another place to found a city which was to be very much like Auroville.

Mother's Q & A – 2/5/56

Mother's Questions And Answers, May 2, 1956

In this class, for the first time since the Supramental Manifestation of February 29, 1956, people begin to ask questions about it. Mother speaks about who can be aware of the new force in the atmosphere and why people might not be able to have any experience of the new force. She also speaks about what people can do to relate to and receive these forces which are now in the earth atmosphere. She explains the difference between a "descent" and a "manifestation".

Mother's Q & A – 11/4/56

Mother's Questions And Answers, April 11, 1956

Mother explains how the Supreme is one thing but is also two at the same time; Ishwara-Shakti, the Supreme Divine in his being and the Supreme Divine in his force of cosmic manifestation, the Divine Mother who is the manifestation itself - The Two Who Are One. She explains that He is the self-creator. He creates Himself. She defines the consciousness that reveals, and explains the difference between the Personal Divine and the Impersonal Divine - the personal God and the impersonal God.

Mother's Q & A – 30/5/56

Mother's Questions And Answers, May 30, 1956

Mother speaks about expressing the Divine through art, music and poetry and explains what makes a living work of art. She speaks about the true way to do all work, and explains what is necessary to do it in a way that leads to a deeper consciousness. Then she speaks about how she wanted to create a small world where people would not have to worry about getting the necessities of life so they would have the time and energy to devote themselves to seeking higher realization. She explains why that has not worked in the Ashram.

Mother's Q & A – 16/5/56

Mother's Questions And Answers - May 16, 1956

Mother speaks about how we should regard the "needs of the physical body" and what our other natural processes and functions really mean in the context of the yoga. She also speaks about the Pantheons of India; the true use of the statues of the gods. She points out that morality can be a stumbling block in the aspiration for progress. Then she speaks about the inner light available to the seeker now that the Supramental force has entered the earth plane, and she gives some methods to access the new light within. This week there is no original French tape recording of the class.

Mother's Q & A – 52/4/56

Mother's Questions And Answers, April 25, 1956

Mother says that we limit God with our human conception of the Divine. She also gives the true justification for our earthly existence. She speaks about how people are always disappointed by human relationships and that it is only after they are very disappointed from having sought what they need in human relationships that they finally turn to the Divine where they can find their fulfillment. Mother also tells how to receive things from the Divine.

Aster shares memories of Mother

Ever wondered how it was be with The Mother, live in the ashram, under her watchful gaze and access to her unlimited supply of love and wisdom. As a rare treat, students from California Institute of Integral Studies got a chance to listen to the intimate sharing of Aster about her childhood in the ashram and with the mother. Aster is our connection to The Mother as she was brought up in the world practically holding The Mothers fingers. Daughter to great Psychologists parents, Mother had special plans for her and like a innocent child, all Aster had to do was believe and follow on Mothers chosen path for her. She shares great insights about the working and the atmosphere of the ashram, how the 1st school in the ashram started with 12 children and what was the premise of education in the ashram. It was truly a magical time and great beings came to pass from the ashram, living and learning with Sri Aurobindo and The mother. Aster does her best to summarize and relive memories which are most cherished and unique in nature. To live and grow up in The Mother's grace, a boon offered to few in life.

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Mother's Q & A – 9/5/56

Mother's Questions And Answers, May 9, 1956

Mother explains that the true spiritual life begins when we are in conscious communion with our psychic being and when we are conscious of the Divine Presence in us, and it governs our life. She explains what Sri Aurobindo means when when he says that materially we are nothing, spiritually we are everything. Then she answers a question about being influenced and helped by the new Supramental force that has just manifested. In this class, Mother's sense of humor comes to the fore.

Mother's Q & A – 18/4/56

Mother's Questions And Answers, April 18, 1956

Mother speaks of the need for us to realize both the Master of Existence, the Supreme Unmanifest and the Mother of the Worlds, the power of the Manifestation, and also to realize the relationship which they have. This is the way to have the highest realization and also to be integrally functioning creative beings in the world. She explains the result of having only the realization of the Master without the realization of the Mother. Then she explains that our soul carries our future realization within it. She tells us how small children can create their own beautiful future, and that if we can be a child again, we can do the same.

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