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Marlenka's Experiences

Marlenka shares how and why she came to Auroville and her meeting with The Mother. She reveals what made her stay, and the activities she participated in during her time here. Having been affiliated with AurovilleRadio almost since its birth, on the Radio’s 13th birthday she discusses her experience of working here.
Auroville has evolved through the years and Marlenka tells us the changes she thinks are most prominent. On the occasion of Auroville’s 50th anniversary celebration in Delhi, she explains where Auroville should head next. She treasures the city and talks about what she loves about it the most, and what it means for her to be a true Aurovilian.

Entervista informal con huespedes

Que sienten los huespedes de Auroville cuando visitan el parque de la Unidad del Matrimandir? Que experiencia vivencian cuando ingresan a la camara de concentracion?
Mientras cenamos entre amigos en un restaurante local, entrevistamos a Jimena, una Argentina. Aqui les compartimos esta entrevista informal, que surgio espontaneamente.

Mother’s Agenda April 1962

Mothers Agenda recorded by Satprem April 13 1962-
This tremendous document 6,000 pages in 13 volumes is the day-to-day account over twenty-two years of Mother’s exploration into the body consciousness and of her discovery of a “cellular mind” capable of restructuring the nature of the body and the laws of the species as drastically as one day the first stammerings of a “thinking mind” transformed the nature of the ape. It is a veritable document of experimental evolution. A revolution in consciousness that alters the laws of the species. And it’s the question of our times, for whatever the appearances, we are not at the end of a civilization but at the end of an evolutionary cycle. Are we going to find the passage to the next species… or perish? As scrupulously as a scientist in his laboratory, Mother goes back to the origin of matter’s formation, to the primordial code, and there, “by chance,” stumbles upon the mechanism of death upon the very power that changes death and upon a “new” Energy which curiously parallels the most recent theories on the subatomic nature of Matter.
The key to Matter contains the key to death … and the key to the next species. and also

The Supramental Ship

On February 3, 1958, Mother’s consciousness went to an intermediate zone between our world and the supramental world, where the link to connect the two worlds was being created. On February 19, 1958 she read out the written report of her experience to the Ashram, It was recorded, transcribed and published in the 1957-58 volume of Mother’s ‘Questions and Answers’.
Mother’s report details the penetration of the most material vibration of the supramental into the most material physical level of our world. She {describes} many things in detail. It

…shows clearly that what is being formed in this intermediate world is only the link or bridge between our world and the supramental world. The supramental world is already in existence. Mother’s report brings us the connection between Mother’s work here and the creation of this link. People who have read Mother’s report never seem to forget it, and they all have an inner picture of the things Mother describes.

Comments: 0 Date: 03 Sep 2013

Unselfed show at Adishakti

Unselfed is a new devised perfomance piece which explores subjective ideas and propositions of parallel/ multiple selves. What if you met another you – a living, breathing other you? Would you have a conversation with her, or run in the opposite direction? Drawing from these ideas, the director and the group of performers worked together over a prolonged period to create a perfomance based on a experiences of being un-selfed.

Comments: 0 Date: 29 Sep 2012

AGP 12 Presentation of Workshops

In this presentation the participants of the Energy Positive Habitats workshops shared in the plenum what they had learned, practiced and experienced during the four parallel workshops: 1. Emerging Energy Policies}, 2. Building Energy Auditing and Management }, {3. Energy Efficient Building Design, {4. Decentralized Solar & Wind Installations. Each participant felt this was a massive learning experience.

Comments: 0 Date: 01 Sep 2012

Helping Hands

Santosh, Ramesh and Sampath can be heard in this interview recounting their own experiences of the Auroville Marathon. Both Santosh and Sampath tell us how they pulled out of the first Marathon to help with the starts and the timekeeping and Ramesh describes his experience of doing the route marking for the first Marathon. Now, ahead of the fifth Auroville Marathon, these three men have their work cut out as they strive to make the event better than before! (This is the third and final edition of the ‘Run with a Smile’ series. Enjoy!)

Comments: 0 Date: 06 Feb 2012

3 Treks

We are all invited tomorrow between 5 to 7pm at Multimedia Center Auditorium in Town Hall to a slideshow presentation of three different adventures that took place this year in Hampi and Himalyas(Darjeeling and Laddakh). Presentations are full of images, while members will narrate the experience, and members of treks – The Learning Community (TLC) team, Jean, Joy, Pierre Anu, Lalit, Palani, Swaha, Elke, Dinesh, Lola, Anandamayi, Vladimir, Aurevan, Sergei and Jonah are looking forward to see and share the stories with us.

If we had a truly living faith, an absolute certitude of the almighty power of the Divine, His manifestation could be so evident that the whole earth would be transformed by it.The Word of The Mother, Vol 14

Comments: 0 Date: 08 Dec 2011

Supramental Transformation

On the occasion of Mother’s birthday at Savitri Bhavan there will be an open exhibition on Mother’s experiences and thoughts on Supramental transformation. In an interview with Loretta, who created the whole exhibition, we talked about it. In her exhibitions, she tries to recapture the spirit that used to be at the Ashram, when Mother was still in her body. This year we will see pictures of Mother after her major experiences, and some of her intimate belongings, which the Ashram Museum kindly offered for this occasion.

Comments: 0 Date: 09 Feb 2011

Talks on Transformation

On January 20, 2011, started a series of five talks on some of the Mother’s major experiences in Her work of transformation. Loretta wants to simplify things for people who are on the journey of Sri Aurobindo’s Yoga. Along with her explanations, she brings Mother’s Presence by translating and playing recordings of Mother telling of these experiences, and telling stories about Ashram life when Mother was here.Loretta was asked if she thought Mother finished Her work before She left the body. As part of her answer, Loretta relates her own experience standing alone in the Ashram Meditation Room with Mother’s body in the early morning.

Comments: 0 Date: 07 Jan 2011
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