A conversion of man's whole mind, reason, intelligence as well as a reversal of all their methods, is what is called for. Already at work in the mind is the faculty of light, inspiration and force: the intuition. already working in the mind.

Spirit is everywhere, even in matter; the supermind is the universal power of the spirit's omnipresent self-knowledge and it is That which organises matter, life, mind and reason. God-realization and God-expression is the object.

The Origin and reality of our universe is Delight of perfect Oneness of the creation with its Creator. Division from our source makes ignorance which makes suffering. What is true in essence must necessarily become true in manifestation; we can do this now

We must always be ready to abandon the past (as well as desire) and accept more light and truth. The faith of the heart will pass into knowledge; the spirit is omnipotent. Reject any mere intellectual skeptism. A constant faith is indispensable.

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