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MI 528Hz

within ancient solfeggio frequencies is third one MI 528Hz, and you can listen to this "miracolous" frequency of love.

The Soul Train 17

The Soul Train Awards annually celebrates and recognize the best in soul, R&B, and hip hop music. Feturing few today..

The Greatest Love Songs of All Time

Classic Love songs about longing, the excitement of new love, long distance relationships and heartbreak.

Adishakti`s Hindu Nov 2017 Fest Tour by Lail Arad and JF Robitaille

The `We got it coming` Hindu Nov 2017 Fest Tour in Adishakti, Edayanchavadi, was a pleasure for the ear.

RE 417Hz

Ancient Solfeggios frequencies, second one in the scale is RE with 417Hz, which can facilitate change.....

The Greatest Love Songs of All Time

1. I Wanna Dance With Somebody – Whitney Houston
2. Words – Boyzone

Julia’s Smile

Book for children of all ages, written by Noel Parent, and read by Marlenka.


RE 417Hz

The second one in ancient solfeggio scale is RE – 417 Hz
Intent: undoing situations and facilitating…

UT 396Hz

Within Frequencies and healing frequencies with continue with the Ancient Solfeggio Scale, with…