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Entry Policy Draft GM, Art Break

GM on Entry Policy draft on 26th at 4.30pm at Unity Pavilion. AVAG Annual Women's Festival on 1st of October


Use of "Libanga" (shout out names of rich people in poetical songs) helps Congolese musicians to stay afloat.

Architect Suhasini Ayer

Humanscapes - A new residential project to become active on the 50th Birthday anniversary of Auroville.

Segue the cello and voice

Capricious and tantalizing composition and performance of Bobby McFerrin and Yo-Yo Ma

Project presentation to the GB

Waste management and sustainable living in Auroville: How we can share our research here with the rest of the world.

Entry Policy Draft GM, Art Break

General Meeting to present the Entry Policy final draft for a Resident’s Assembly Decision-making…

Architect Suhasini Ayer

In conversation with Suhasini Ayer, we get to know about how she chose Architecture…

Taiwanese Pavilion

Taiwanese Pavilion presents Taiwanese culture.
Because of historical circumstances, Taiwan has preserved most Chinese
traditions and…

Project presentation to the GB

Some project holders made their presentations at Unity Pavilion in the presence of the…

Rabindra Sangeet

On Saturday the 12th of August,at the beautiful Bhavishyate venue, we had a really…