Mother's Q & A –

Mother talks of the link between our soul and our daily life, aspiration in adverse beings and progress on all planes.

An Odissi Recital

An Odissi Dance Recital show at Adishakthi by Vandana Supriya and Poorinima Kartic - Remembering Veenapani Chawla.

Sunday for World Laughter Day

On Sunday 1st of May World Laughter Day celebrated at Africa House, Pavilion of African Culture,IZ.

Be like a flower by the Mother

To be like a flower by The Mother a presentation by the volunteers of Auroculture.


Featuring an excerpt of interview with Fif and Lourdes on World Laughter Day.

An Odissi Recital

Saturday evening as the people gathered at Adishakthi to enjoy the music and dance…

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Comments: 0Date: 04 May 2016


World Laughter Day still on today at SLI from 10am to 11am, we…

Kids at International Dance Day

It’s the International Dance Day and the dance lovers and dancers from various schools…