Pondy Photo2016 Water Aria

AV singers - Hamsini, Carla, Shkati, Swaha, Vera, Franocise, Shanks,Bryce, Chandresh inaugurated PondyPHOTO 2016.

Soca, Soca

After cutting sugar cane - Croopever with Kadooment Day, and of course SOCA festival - featuring few

Savitri, B. II, C. IV, Part IV

The King sees the third creation that rises in the stages of Life's evolution as it is developing in early beings.

Five Dreams by Sri Aurobindo

Five Dreams by Sri Aurobindo read on 15th of August 2016 by Aurevean and Smiti

Water Aria, PondyPhoto16

PondyPhoto 2016 will be inaugurated on 26th at 8pm at Old Port by Water Aria by Hamsini, Carla, AV Ssters

Savitri, B. II, C. IV, Part IV

Savitri, Book II, The Book Of The Traveller Of The Worlds, Canto IV, The…

Selections par Gangalakshmi – 91

Une série hébdomadaire de lectures par Gangalakshmi (en Français) de sélection d’oeuvres sur…