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Category Archives: Water

Vox Pop on Monsoon

An interview with the people of Auroville discussing the arrival of monsoon, the difficulties that come with it and precautions to be taken before the onset of rains.

Our Water, Our Life

From Water Group Ing-Marie has visited us in the studio, and we talked on few different topics revolving around the ground necessity of our life - WATER.
Since we do live in a city with water sensitivity, how do we perceive it as a community?
Current Water Group started in 2015 (not the first, and most likely not the last) as an advisory body to TDC, consisting of members of different walks of life. They are trying to put together an integrated water management for the city. They are trying to raise the awareness on water sensitivity of the ground reality in our city. In whole this process they would like community to be deeply involved, they would like to increase the water "literacy", they are trying to put up an interactive web page....
As one of the recent attempts to reach out to each member of the community is a call for photo contest with - What could depict the essence of Auroville Water? whereby any format or size .... are welcomed, and the author of winning photo will be fully credited for it. Deadline 15th of March.

David and the Water Goliath

David (Town Planning) and Achva (Landscape design) Stein came to Auroville invited by L'Avenir D'Auroville in 2010 to work on a Greenbelt Master Plan. The plan centers around water sustainability. In this interview you can hear about what has to be done and what is needed. David looks towards the youth of Auroville to take up the challenges of the tasks ahead.

The Auroville Water Challenge Pt1

It is a huge challenge to provide usable water for the world’s population. The United Nations warns that water use worldwide is growing at twice the rate of population growth. Unless this trend is reversed, two-thirds of the global population will face water “stress” by 2025. And India is one of the countries that will be most critically affected. In fact, our bioregion is already severely water-stressed, and Auroville itself has seen its first aquifer almost exhausted and falling water levels and increasing mineralisation in some of the other aquifers, in spite of the important work done by Aurovilians in afforestation and in controlling run-off. What is Auroville doing to respond to this challenge? What are the essential elements of a successful water management plan that will enable us to achieve self-sufficiency in our water supply? The Joy of Learning initiative is planning two sessions to increase the community’s level of ‘water literacy’ and its understanding of this topic. Our presenters are: Tom - 'Why should you care?' Giulio - 'Where is our ground water? A geological overview' Deoyani - 'Protecting and managing our soil for water conservation' --- This session on ‘The Water Challenge’ was recorded on Monday, 31st August, at 4.30 in the SAIIER Conference Hall.

Comments: 0 Date: 16 Sep 2015

VOX POP on Water

We did of VOX POP on water shortage in Auroville., trying to find out the level of awareness amongst the population.
Most are aware that we are facing sever water scarcity, and they do perform small steps to conserve water in their houses,
Somebody said. "...humanity tends not to look at the conservation until it is a disaster ..."

Water Consciousness

CIRHU  held a conversation on 'water consciousness' which was chaired by Luigi  and Mr. Bhagwandas (Aqua Dyn Water). Centre for International Research on Human Unity (CIRHU) has initiated several research projects on both environmental and human development and as a part of their weekly programs, a conversation on importance and consciousness on water has been organized at Town Hall. Researchers, students, visitors of Auroville have participated in the conversation and have involved in the discussion on how to improve the mindset of people towards the usage of water. Luigi told the press that debates and talks like these shall improve research on the growth and development of natural and renewable resources like water and thus promote peace and love for human unity. Research debates and conversations shall be held every Thursday at CIRHU, Town Hall, Auroville and students and research scholars are invited to participate in the program and share opinions and thoughts on various approaches for human unity.

Comments: 0 Date: 22 Jul 2016

Our Water, and Rainfall

Recording rainfall has made the community happy since our aqaufiers were already critically low. We have quite a bunch of our members who collect data, and monitor the rainfall. Tom, who works at TDC and CSR shares with us some insight on recently felt rain. Auroville is very diverse not only people but also the types of soil, forest density ... which all together does create a very strong, unique and diverse micro climate. The nature either we want it or not, does have a big word in the equation, and for recent records of rainfall we can be only thankful

Comments: 0 Date: 07 Dec 2015

International Meeting of WWTP

Monday 6th March we've recorded the debate on Auroville's Waste Water Treatment Plant International Meeting. This was the first time that waste water was handled collectively (for Residential Zones 1&2) instead of at the community level. The Town Developing Council shared information about the WWTP, including the route of the sewer lines, the dewat/vortex technology used at the plant how the purified water will be returned, about the laying of the pipes and the management plan of the WWTP. The TDC tryied to answer to concerns and questions the audience asked while we felt a certain amount of excitement in the hall.

Comments: 0 Date: 07 Mar 2017

All For Water For All

Water Festival 2016 was initiated by few NGOs, Government agencies and Educational institutions in Pondicherry and Tamil Nadu which was supported by many forums mainly Auroville, UNESCO, Alliance Francaise and Pondicherry University. A three week program included awareness programs, water camps, signature campaign, dramas and other cultural shows which promote the importance of water. Many school students have participated in the event and the valedictory program was held on 22nd March 2016 at Bharat Nivas, Auroville. Speaking to the participants and the distinguished guests, Dr. Bhanu R. Neupane, Program Specialist at UNESCO said that "Together, we can resolve the water issues and there should be a strategic plan and also a systematic action to counter water challenges". He also later added that, UNESCO would be ready and always be a supporting agency to any water management initiatives. Many dance programs, talks and presentations were organized during the closing program and the Puppet Show was a major highlight to light the minds of many participants in addressing water issues. Interestingly, water from nearby villages and towns of Pondicherry have been collected as a symbol of 'water unity' and 'sustainable usage' Mr. Raghunath, Member of the Pondicherry Science Forum has taken lead in many programs of this festival and it was a grand success.

Comments: 0 Date: 30 Mar 2016

The Auroville Water Challenge Pt2

In the first part of the Water Challenge, we were introduced to the big picture and heard about some of the challenges and possibilities involved in managing our water resources. In the second part of this series, we focus down and look at some of the ways in which Auroville is responding to the challenge. We will hear about the valuable land and canyon work done over the years to harvest water; about the importance and feasibility of recycling waste water; and about an interesting experiment in rainwater catchment in an apartment building. And our presenters are: Kireet - 18 Years of Rain Water Harvesting and Erosion Control Jan - Approach to Sustainable Water Management in Auroville David - H2O - Hydrological Challenge to Conscious Opportunity Please join us for two hours of learning, discovery, and inspiration on and around a topic that we all know demands our attention: Water. The Joy of Learning Team Recorded on September 15th, at 4.30 pm at SAIIER  

Comments: 0 Date: 19 Sep 2015